Job Seekers

  • 5 Reasons Why Companies Turn to Specialized Recruiters

    An employer brand, or the reputation a company has among job seekers and in the general community as a company to work for, is important. It’s what they’re known for providing as an employer. And it’s also how they get people to come work for them. So when companies turn to a staffing firm to […]
  • Helpless vs. Resourceful

    Over the last 13 years of hiring people for our company we have tried to come up with some profile or some marker to look for how to determine who has a better chance of success. We have used traditional hiring methods, behavior analysis, evaluations and multiple interviews to try and screen employees who will not […]
  • Labor Day Report: Employment Trends and the State of the Workforce

    Labor Day celebrates the U.S. worker. It is a day intended for rest and relaxation, and for those of us tracking employment trends, it is a day of reflection and foresight. Where We Have Been The labor market, especially in New Hampshire, is closing in at full capacity. Although, with an unemployment rate at a […]
  • Emojis

    I really never thought I’d be writing something about emojis. A few years ago I would have said, “ a what?” For a while they were the purview of teens. Then they spread; my in-laws send them in text messages, my friends in email, and I once overheard a man in coffee shops say “hashtag […]
  • You’re the Boss: What it Means to be Right

    “I asked my boss, Jillian, if we could set up a meeting for feedback on a project I was finishing up and her response was, “Just grab me anytime I’m around the office and we can talk.” I did see her at the office, of course. But it was never the right time. She was […]