3 Books Every Accounting Professional Should Read Before 2020

Sean Dowling, Vice President
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3 Books Every Accounting Professional Should Read Before 2020

As part of professional development, members of your accounting team should be required to read business-related books. Your teammates will not only learn new business concepts, but also how to apply them to your company.

Here are three books every accounting professional should read before 2020.

Breakthrough Teams for Breakneck Times: Unlocking the Genius of Creative Collaboration by Lisa Gundry and Laurie LaMantia

Authors Lisa Gundry, Ph.D., and Laurie LaMantia show how having a good time at work promotes innovation and problem solving. Enjoyable teamwork promotes creativity by one staff member’s good idea leading to another’s great idea and someone else’s brilliant idea. Becoming comfortable in front of each other and being able to challenge team members results in feeding off each other’s innovations. The authors provide examples from successful companies and provide a template for developing team principles to encourage creativity. The concept of how well a teammate’s personality blends with company mission, vision and values helps teams find roles for each personality in the creative process. The authors combine organizational theory with creativity practices to offer valuable tools that enhance business and personal potential.

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? by Seth Godin

Author Seth Godin teaches how to become indispensable to an employer. As artificial intelligence, machine learning and other technology continue to take over low-level tasks, employees need to make themselves irreplaceable. They must pour all their energy into their work and become significantly more valuable than the average employee. Employees need to be present in each moment, put feeling into each task and cultivate a reputation of excellence. They have to go above and beyond what is expected of them and approach their work with creativity, problem-solving and over-delivering. Employees who are indispensable make a conscious choice to overcome their fears. They break many rules, stand out from the masses and consistently move beyond their comfort zone to continue growing. Those who are irreplaceable give of themselves without expecting anything in return.

Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies by Charlene Li

Author Charlene Li knows how companies struggle to integrate the power of social technologies into their marketing efforts. Since Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs are where customers discuss products and businesses, the technologies affect every industry. Having customers rate a company’s products or services in public forums that managers don’t understand and have no influence with makes businesses vulnerable. The author explains how to turn this threat into an opportunity by evaluating emerging social technologies and determining how different groups of customers participate in different social technology platforms. Managers learn to apply a four-step process for creating future strategy and building social technologies into their business to strengthen its public image.

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