4 Ways to Strengthen Your Company Culture This Fall

Sean Dowling, Vice President
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Company culture has a significant impact on your organization’s success. A positive culture encourages employees to enjoy their work, stay engaged, and perform their best. Because staff are recognized for their contributions and kept informed about the latest developments, they remain with your organization long-term. This encourages top professionals to want to work for you.  

Decide which of these four methods to use to improve your company culture.    

1. Emphasize Transparency 

Promoting transparency creates highly engaged team members. Keep employees informed about company news and events as much as possible. Request team solutions for the challenges your business is facing. Provide communication and collaboration tools so teammates can stay in touch, share documents, and work together. Encourage open recognition for individual, team, and company successes. This encourages staff to continue performing their best. 

2. Cultivate Relationships 

Building strong relationships with your team members increases employee performance. Promote virtual team-building activities so teammates can get to know each other. Set up a Slack channel for colleagues to share what is happening in their lives. Assign different teammates to collaborate on projects.   

3. Promote Autonomy 

Encouraging autonomy increases trust among your team. Letting employees make certain decisions based on their skills and experience increases efficiency and effectiveness. Let team members set their schedules as much as possible. Create autonomous work teams that periodically check in with you. Hold everyone accountable for their actions.  

4. Provide Feedback 

Giving and receiving regular feedback improves individual and team performance. Email engagement surveys on an ongoing basis to understand what your team’s concerns and challenges are. This lets you measure engagement and address problems in a timely manner. Reward desirable behaviors and results as they occur to encourage more of the same. Privately talk with employees who are not meeting performance expectations. Ask meaningful questions to promote discussion of the issue. Work with the employee to create a clear, direct, actionable plan to improve. 

Strengthen Company Culture with New Hires 

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