5 Affordable Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them

Maura Mann, Vice President
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Your employees are what make your company operate. Without them, you couldn’t remain in business. Finding and keeping the best employees takes more than just money. They want to know their contributions matter and make a difference in your organization. As a result, you need to show your employees they’re valued members of your team.  

Here are five affordable ways to show your employees you appreciate them:    

Offer Food

Everyone loves free food. Bring in bagels with cream cheese, donuts or cupcakes. Throw a pizza party or catered lunch at the office. Take your team out for ice cream, dinner, or drinksSet up a summer barbeque at your home for employees and their families. Give a short talk about how grateful you are to work with everyone. Strengthen their interpersonal relationships while making them feel appreciated.  

Provide Recognition on Social Media

Most people are on social media. Use company accounts to recognize your employees’ weekly contributions. Mention on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms one thing each teammate did to complete a project, help a colleague or go above and beyond what was expected. Recognize team members’ birthdayswork anniversaries, and other milestones. Mention individual or company awards your employees received or helped earn. Share employees’ life accomplishments such as buying a house, getting married, or having kids. Demonstrate why your employees are valuable members of your team.  

Host Company Activities

Everyone loves getting together with colleagues outside of the office. Set up fun company activities to promote camaraderie. Go to a wine and painting class, bowling alley, or sports event. Organize a chili cook-off, cookie exchange, or pie-baking contest. Arrange an evening to play board games, cards, or Bingo.   

Customize Perks

Things that matter most to your employees make the most significant impact. Offering them a choice of perks shows you appreciate all they do for your company. Additional vacation days are valuable. The ability to come in later and leave earlier for one week is desirable. A week of telecommuting may be in demand. Covering yoga classes, a gym membership or other fitness activity for a month may be wanted.   

Give Team Swag

People enjoy receiving items they use each day. Show your team you appreciate having them work for you by giving them company swag. Wearing or using shirts, jackets, pens, or other items with your brand reminds employees how important they are to your business and builds loyalty.  

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