5 Reasons You Should Always Take an Interview

Paul Silvio, Vice President
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Even if you are not interested in changing jobs right now, you should be going on interviews. This is especially true if you have been in your current position for a while. Interviewing lets you learn more about available opportunities that fit your skills, background, and interest. You find out whether a position is well suited for you or you should keep on looking. You might even come across a position you did not consider before but can help with career growth.

Here are five reasons to set up an interview, even if you like your job.

1. Network

Every interview you participate in lets you grow your network. Meeting the interviewer, potential team members, and company leaders can give you more influence in being offered a job. How well you connect can give you an edge over another candidate who may not connect as closely. Even if you end up not receiving or accepting a job there, you open up opportunities to do so down the road.

2. Practice Interviewing 

Accepting an interview lets you enhance your skills. You can discuss your hard and soft skills, experience, and qualifications and gain experience talking with an interviewer. You learn to anticipate the types of questions you may be asked and know how to improve your answers. If you face questions or situations you were not prepared for, you will be better equipped next time.

3. Gain Insider Information

Use each interview to find out what hiring managers are looking for. Focus on specific questions about your background and skills to determine what to emphasize in future discussions. Find out how companies do things by asking, “Which types of systems does the team use?” or “How have you dealt with some recent changes in the IT field?” Use your findings to implement something similar to your employer.    

4. Evaluate Your Options

If you finish an interview and are extended a job offer, you can evaluate it against another job offer or your current role. Make a list of everything you want in a job offer, then write down whether your other job offer or current position includes it. This may involve a certain salary range, flexible work hours, remote work options, or a specific amount of paid time off. Picture yourself in each role to see which seems best suited to your personal and professional interests. Once you make a decision, let the potential employer know.   

5. Find a Job You Enjoy

By taking an interview, you may be surprised to find a job you enjoy. The role may be more exciting than it sounded in the posting. The team may be dynamic and energizing. The responsibilities might engage you more than expected. You could learn IT skills that interest you and benefit your career. You may end up with an attractive job offer.    

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