5 Traits of the Top Financial Analyst

Sean Dowling, Vice President
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As a financial analyst, you work in a highly competitive field. Along with having the required education, skills, experience, and certification, you need to demonstrate the most important traits employers are looking for to be among the industry’s top professionals. Knowing what these top characteristics are provides guidance for what to focus on during your next interview.  

See whether you have these five in-demand characteristics of a financial analyst.  

1. Analytical Ability   

As a financial analyst, you research, process, and explain a lot of information from a variety of sources. You ask questions to ensure you thoroughly understand a situation or problem and then find a solution. You understand how to collect the data, determine the quality of the information, and chose the methods to analyze it. You use this information to decide which investments to make or action to take.  

2. Attention to Detail 

As a financial analyst, you pay strong attention to detail. You know that one small anomaly could have a significant impact on a prediction. A small change in sales numbers, consumer confidence, or another metric could substantially change your financial planning. As a result, you stay attuned to small changes in the streams of data you access and how they can impact your work. 

3. Proficiency with Technology 

As a financial analyst, you are proficient with technology. You have a high level of understanding and experience with the computers, software, and databases used to perform your work. This includes the proprietary software and analysis algorithms your company developed. Along with MS Excel and MS PowerPoint, your understanding of computer languages such as SQL, Python, SAS, and R helps you effectively manage a large amount of data.   

4. Decision Making   

As a financial analyst, you excel at reviewing information and making sound decisions about which actions to take. You stay updated on the finance industry and use your planning, budgeting, and investing skills to make recommendations for others. You know how to find the right companies for a merger, understand the complex business model’s complications, figure out a tax issue, and more. If an urgent situation arises, you use quality tools and accurate information to make decisions with limited information quickly.   

5. Communication 

As a financial analyst, you are skilled in written and verbal communication. This includes preparing reports, sending emails, making phone calls, and giving presentations to colleagues, clients, supervisors, shareholders, and the media. You convey your message clearly, directly with language that your audience understands, especially people who do not work in the finance industry. You include stories to illustrate your point when explaining a complex topic and its relevance to your audience. 

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