• What Tech Trends Should You Expect to Pay Attention to in 2020?

    As we approach a new decade, technology is evolving faster than ever. Staying current with key trends allows your company to prepare for new opportunities. Taking advantage of the latest technology helps your business stay competitive. As a result, you want to pay attention to these six tech trends in 2020. Artificial Intelligence as a […]
  • Why You Should Apply to That Job You THINK You’re Underqualified For

    When you’re searching for a job and come across a post for something you’d love to do, you might find that you don’t fill the qualifications the hiring manager is looking for. Rather than being disappointed and moving on to other job postings, double–check how many requirements you have and how you might fill the others. Unless the manager is looking […]
  • 8 Ways to Give Back to Your Tech Team This Holiday Season

    During the holiday season, you want to give back to your tech team for their hard work and contributions leading to company success. Because your company couldn’t function without the dedication of your team, you need to show how much you appreciate their loyalty and commitment to business growth.   Here are eight ways to give back […]
  • Which Programming Languages Will Help You Stand Out in an Interview?

    Although there are more than 250 programming languages out there, not all are widely used. Many are very obscure and limited in their application. To maximize your odds of getting a job using at least one of the languages you specialize in, you need to know which are most in-demand right now.   Here are four of […]
  • The Benefits of Choosing a Contract Employee Instead of Full-Time

    Putting together teams for your small business can be challenging. Although you may want to hire full-time employees, you might be better off hiring contract employees for specific projects. In addition to gaining specialized skills, you may save money by not having to pay payroll taxes, provide benefits or cover equipment and supply costs.   Here are four […]