• 6 Tech Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2020

    As a tech professional, staying current in your industry is important. Although you don’t always have time to listen to industry news, read tech magazines, or talk with other leaders to stay updated, you can fit in time each week to listen to podcasts. Here are six podcasts to subscribe to for the latest information in the tech industry.   The Vergecast Hosted by Nilay Patel, Dieter […]
  • Should You Let Your Contract Employees Work Remote?

    Allowing contract employees to work remotely may have advantages. Increased engagement, productivity, and employee satisfaction are among them. However, deciding whether to let contract employees work remotely also needs to include discussion about collaboration issues and compliance with laws.   Here are three things to think about when deciding whether to let your contract employees work remotely.  Consider the […]
  • Networking Tips for Technology Professionals

    The majority of jobs are filled through networking, and because networking introduces you to new people and makes your job easier, you should be learning to connect with others in a variety of ways. Here are six networking tips to advance your career. Use LinkedIn Be active on LinkedIn. Connect with colleagues, managers, leaders, and […]
  • Make Your Tech Company More Efficient with AI

    Regardless of your tech company’s size or type, you want to find ways to increase efficiency continually. Since greater efficiency is linked with higher profitability, getting more done in less time means increasing your bottom line. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to increase efficiency for your business operations in these five ways. Support […]
  • What Tech Trends Should You Expect to Pay Attention to in 2020?

    As we approach a new decade, technology is evolving faster than ever. Staying current with key trends allows your company to prepare for new opportunities. Taking advantage of the latest technology helps your business stay competitive. As a result, you want to pay attention to these six tech trends in 2020. Artificial Intelligence as a […]