• The In-Demand IT Skills Right Now

    Knowing what IT hiring managers are looking for aids in your job search. Understanding what the in-demand skills are shows you what to focus on during an interview. Although the IT industry changes quickly with new developments, these skills provide a foundation to build on for other in-demand fields. Because many skills are certifiable, they […]
  • How to Measure the Productivity of Your Remote Workers

    If your IT team is working remotely, you need to know they are productive. Because you do not see them at the office each day, you must find ways to check in regularly. Seeing how everyone is doing, answering questions, and providing support are necessary for your team and company to succeed.   Consider which of […]
  • Showcasing Software Developer Experience on a Resume with These 3 Tips

    As a software engineer, your skills are in high demand. A significant number of employers need your talents at any given time. To take advantage of these opportunities, you need to prepare a resume. This highlights the knowledge, accomplishments, and awards you received along your career path. Your resume shows concrete ways you benefitted past […]
  • Keep Your Team’s Morale High Through Trying Times

    As a manager, one of your responsibilities is doing what you can to keep up employee morale. This is especially important during difficult times, as with a pandemic. With your team working remotely due to physical safety concerns, mental and emotional wellness needs to be a top priority. Maintaining morale is one way to accomplish […]
  • The Importance of Employee Experience and Productivity

    Creating positive employee experience increases productivity throughout your company. Because the staff has choices for where they are employed, they want to perform work they enjoy for an organization that values their contributions. When employees love what they do, are supported by their manager, and receive recognition for their accomplishments, they remain productive. This increases […]