BANKW Staffing Survey Finds Candidates Confident in Career Growth Path Opportunities

Job seekers willing to change jobs every two years, very optimistic

current market will offer enhanced professional opportunities

BEDFORD, N.H. (October 24, 2018)BANKW Staffing, LLC., the leading regional provider of temporary, contract-to-hire, and direct-hire staffing services, today released the results of a September survey that revealed a clear confidence among job seekers looking for new opportunities in the job market, with 58.3 percent of respondents indicating they were either “extremely confident” or “very confident” in their job prospects in the next six months.

With the federal unemployment rate holding steady at 3.9 percent, the lowest in 10 years, it is a booming market for candidates with the right skills. Further, these job-seekers indicated confidence in finding increased pay and benefits at a new career opportunity. After compensation, the desire for more career growth was the most common driving factor of respondents looking for new jobs, signaling to employers that the total package is important when presenting offers to candidates.

Just over 32 percent of respondents indicated they were “very confident” in their employment prospects over the next six months. Another 25.9 percent replied as “extremely confident” in their employment prospects over that same window. Forty percent indicated they were either “extremely confident” or “very confident” of finding a job that fits their job experience and/or pays well.

The survey indicated a strong commitment from candidates to move on from their current job, with the expectation of finding better career opportunity quickly. Of those responding, 37.8 percent indicated they are “extremely likely” to look for a new employment opportunity within the next 12 months. Another 15 percent replied they were “very likely” to look for a new job in the next year.

The survey also found information technology (31 percent) and finance (21 percent) were the top two sought-after industries. As for benefits, nearly half (46 percent) of those responding indicated a generous salary was their top priority at a new job. Another 20.6 percent identified a good “work-life” balance as most important, followed by flexibility (9.3 percent) and healthcare (9 percent). Good compensation (27.6 percent) and the need for more professional growth (23.4 percent) were the top two reasons offered by respondents for wanting to move on from their current jobs.

“The data from our survey correlates with what we tell clients and employers — many job-seekers out there are motivated by much more than just a good paycheck. They want sufficient benefits and the right job that will provide career advancement and fulfillment,” said Matt Nagler, BANKW Staffing Managing Partner. “Knowing what truly motivates candidates in this competitive market helps us align them with the best employment match and gives us our clients a competitive advantage.”

The job marketplace has been highly transient, with 35.5 percent of respondents indicating they change jobs every two years or less. Another 22.5 percent replying to the survey indicated they change every three to four years.

In all, 351 people responded to the 15-question online questionnaire solicited by BANKW Staffing in September 2018.

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