• How to Effectively Lead and Manage Your Data Entry Temps

    Great leaders and talent are needed to grow a successful company. The best leaders focus on vision and strategy to guide and remove obstacles for their teams. They clarify priorities and expectations, define roles and ensure the processes to execute them are in place. However, leading and managing temps is a bit different than it […]
  • 3 Books Every Accounting Professional Should Read Before 2020

    As part of professional development, members of your accounting team should be required to read business-related books. Your teammates will not only learn new business concepts, but also how to apply them to your company. Here are three books every accounting professional should read before 2020. Breakthrough Teams for Breakneck Times: Unlocking the Genius of […]
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    Accounting is a field that requires a great deal of training. Even with an extensive educational background, however, your resume might not stand out in a sea of qualified candidates. To truly demonstrate your industry-specific knowledge, skills, and experience, you need to list your accounting certifications.   The following are some of the certifications you should add to your […]
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    One of the biggest mistakes a job candidate can make is not putting in the time to properly prepare for an interview. But what many interviewers don’t realize is that they, too, need to prepare. Download the interview guide now Includes 10 must-ask interview questions and the 5 questions you should never ask a job […]
  • Ghosting Employers Is the New Trend…Here’s Why You Should Never, Ever Do It

    With unemployment at its lowest rate in almost 20 years and the pool of qualified job candidates suffering severe drought conditions, the competition for talented employees is hotter than ever – and leading to a new and unsettling trend: Ghosting employers. Ghosting is no longer relegated to the dating world. Employers are feeling the chill […]