• Now That You’ve Found Your Management Style… Here’s How to Deploy It to Your Team (Part 2)

    Management styles can be as different as people. Although there may be similarities among managers, odds are they’d handle different employees, teams, and situations differently. Letting your team know what your management style is and how it impacts them helps you communicate with them to resolve conflicts, provide motivation, coach, collaborate, and drive results. Follow […]
  • Don’t Leave Your Interview Questions to Luck… Ask These Instead

    When interviewing accounting or finance candidates, you need a set of questions that uncover their hard and soft skills. Knowing how their experiences and accomplishments make them best qualified for a role helps you narrow down which candidate to extend a job offer to. Keeping your questions the same for each candidate ensures you gain […]
  • How Can KBW Support My Organization During Tax Season?

    When tax season arrives each year, your accounting department is more stressed than usual. Increased workloads, tight deadlines and other demands pile up quickly. Your team might struggle to get everything done on time. To avoid having your team members face burnout, bring aboard accounting professionals on a short-term basis to help out. Here are […]
  • Four Ways to Find Your Management Style (Part 1)

      There are a variety of characteristics to consider when deciding which management style works best for you. The type of business you manage, the volume of work that needs to be completed, your personality and attitude, and the personalities and attitudes of your staff all make a difference. Determining your main management style significantly […]
  • How to Make Your Introverted Employees More Comfortable During Meetings

    Helping introverted employees to be more comfortable during meetings can be challenging. They typically need more time than extroverts to process information and form ideas before sharing them. Introverts also prefer to assess situations before deciding how to act. This includes listening to others before taking action of their own.  Here are six ways to […]