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  • How to Keep Your Accounting Department Running Effectively During the Holidays

    Managing an accounting department during the holidays is stressful. You have to balance employee requests for time off with the increased workload of year-end tasks. Although you want your team to have time off when desired, you also need additional accounting responsibilities taken care of before the deadline. As a result, you need to find […]
  • Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Posting About the Holidays on Social Media

    Like most people, you probably indulge in holiday celebrations and traditions with family and friends. You also might enjoy sharing your experiences with others on social media. Although those are meaningful things to do, keep in mind that oversharing about your personal life can have adverse effects on your professional life. As a result, you […]
  • Reasons You Should Take an Accounting Contract Assignment When in Between Jobs

    Accounting contract roles are abundant. They’re an excellent way to secure income, increase skills and potentially be offered a full-time position. Plus, contract roles fill the gaps between jobs on your resume. Here are five reasons you should take an accounting contract assignment when in between jobs. Unique Entry to Companies Employers who hire on […]
  • 3 Books Every Accounting Professional Should Read Before 2020

    As part of professional development, members of your accounting team should be required to read business-related books. Your teammates will not only learn new business concepts, but also how to apply them to your company. Here are three books every accounting professional should read before 2020. Breakthrough Teams for Breakneck Times: Unlocking the Genius of […]
  • What Certifications Should You Add to Your Accounting Resume?

    Accounting is a field that requires a great deal of training. Even with an extensive educational background, however, your resume might not stand out in a sea of qualified candidates. To truly demonstrate your industry-specific knowledge, skills, and experience, you need to list your accounting certifications.   The following are some of the certifications you should add to your […]