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  • Your Job Descriptions Could Be the Reason You Aren’t Getting the Right Candidates

    If you are not attracting the right candidates for your accounting and finance positions, it may be because of your job descriptions. The best descriptions combine essential role responsibilities, core skills and experience sought, and company culture elements. They present the information in an inclusive way that encourages women, people of color, people who identify […]
  • The Experience You Should Have as an Accounting Clerk

    If you want to begin a career in accounting, one way to start is as an accounting clerk. This entry-level position requires some formal education, fundamental skills, and other qualifications. On-the-job training, accounting certifications, and additional education can move you forward on your career path.  Discover what your experience as an accounting clerk should be […]
  • How to Manage Generation Z Employees

    Members of Generation Z are expected to make up approximately one-quarter of the global workforce in 2020. As Baby Boomers continue to retire over the next decade and millennials enter senior management roles, Generation Z is anticipated to make up one-third of the workforce. As a manager, you are responsible for attracting, managing, and retaining […]
  • 7 Soft Skills All Accountants Need to Be Successful

    In the accounting industry, your soft skills are as important as your hard skills. Your soft skills are the reason you effectively communicate, appreciate, and work with others. They help you lead a meeting, put clients at ease, and make yourself heard and valued. These are a few reasons why your soft skills play a […]
  • 5 Traits of the Top Financial Analyst

    As a financial analyst, you work in a highly competitive field. Along with having the required education, skills, experience, and certification, you need to demonstrate the most important traits employers are looking for to be among the industry’s top professionals. Knowing what these top characteristics are provides guidance for what to focus on during your […]