Job Seekers

  • You Don’t Need Luck… When You Have These Interviewing Habits

    Your interviewing habits make a difference in whether you receive a job offer or need to continue your search. Knowing how to sell your skills, experience, and qualifications to show you’re the best candidate for a position plays an important part in securing new employment. Instead of leaving everything to luck, adopt these interviewing habits […]
  • How Can KBW Support My Organization During Tax Season?

    When tax season arrives each year, your accounting department is more stressed than usual. Increased workloads, tight deadlines and other demands pile up quickly. Your team might struggle to get everything done on time. To avoid having your team members face burnout, bring aboard accounting professionals on a short-term basis to help out. Here are […]
  • How to Pick Up Extra Assignments During Tax Season

    If you’re an accountant looking for seasonal work, you may be interested in providing tax preparation or related services. January 1 through April 15 typically is the time during which you’d find these assignments. You can earn additional income that may lead to more permanent opportunities in accounting and finance. Here’s how to get started. […]
  • Apps to Make Your Job Easier…and More Enjoyable!

    As an accounting or finance professional, you’re always looking for ways to make work easier and more enjoyable. Some of those ways may be by better managing your time, improving your public speaking skills, or increasing your productivity. No matter what your objectives are, these six apps can make your job even better. Google Keep […]
  • How to Make Your Introverted Employees More Comfortable During Meetings

    Helping introverted employees to be more comfortable during meetings can be challenging. They typically need more time than extroverts to process information and form ideas before sharing them. Introverts also prefer to assess situations before deciding how to act. This includes listening to others before taking action of their own.  Here are six ways to […]