• How to Explain a Gap on Your Resume to a Hiring Manager

    Is the gap in your resume causing you to panic that you won’t get a good career? If so, don’t! There are many employees just like you who have taken time off during their jobs who have valid reasons such as caring for a sick family member, getting a degree, or raising a family. Whatever […]
  • How to Create a Proactive Plan for a Hiring Surge

    Preparing for a hiring surge is essential for any company, especially to achieve future objectives. While HR leaders know they need to be strategic many still struggle with it. Future staffing needs play a significant role in a company’s success, and you need to plan strong recruiting strategies before you go into a hiring surge. […]
  • Leverage Your Experience for a Better Job Offer

    You just received a job offer and as exciting as that is what happens when not everything is line with what you are targeting? Now what? Negotiating an offer can be challenging, especially if you received a salary lower than what you believe you deserve. Or, maybe there isn’t as much PTO as you hoped […]
  • Creating a Plan for an Employee Testing Positive for COVID-19

    As employees begin returning to the office after working from home for several months due to the coronavirus disease, the number of confirmed cases is expected to rise. As a result, you may have an employee test positive for the virus. It’s important you put a policy in place, so your employees are prepared to […]
  • Are Your Kids on Summer Break? How to Manage Working from Home

    Due to COVID-19 and the need to reduce the spread of the disease, odds are you’re working from home right now. If you have kids, they’re most likely at home on summer break. This means you have to juggle conference calls, emails, and tight deadlines while fulfilling your family’s personal needs. Because nobody knows how long COVID-19 will keep […]