• The Key to Taking Control of Your Work-Life Balance

    Creating a work-life balance is one key to happiness. The choices you consistently make determine how satisfied you are with your job and life. For this reason, if you aren’t feeling fulfilled in your work and personal life, you need to make changes in what you focus your time and attention on while still meeting […]
  • The Appropriate Way to Navigate Office Happy Hours

    Deciding whether to join your team for office happy hours can be challenging. On the one hand, you may want to stay at the office for another hour and get more work done. On the other hand, you want to maintain credibility as the leader. Since you want to promote camaraderie among your teammates, it’s better that you join them […]
  • Are There Online Courses to Help Me Become a Legal Assistant in NH?

    If you want to become a legal assistant in New Hampshire, you’re in good company. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 1,140 legal assistants worked in New Hampshire in 2019. Typical employers are private law firms, corporate law offices, and governmental entities. Although New Hampshire law does not set minimum educational or training requirements for prospective legal assistants, most hiring attorneys and firms prefer some […]
  • 3 Things to Include in Your December HR Memo (…Ahead of Your Holiday Party)

    When December comes around, it’s time to prepare for your company’s holiday party. Because some employees may not have attended a company party before, and other employees may need reminders of behavior expectations, you want to send an HR memo with guidelines on how to make the party a success for everyone involved. Here are three […]
  • Why You Should Apply to That Job You THINK You’re Underqualified For

    When you’re searching for a job and come across a post for something you’d love to do, you might find that you don’t fill the qualifications the hiring manager is looking for. Rather than being disappointed and moving on to other job postings, double–check how many requirements you have and how you might fill the others. Unless the manager is looking […]