• Why Every Executive Should Hire an Assistant This Spring

    Like many executives, you may rely on email, voicemail, online calendars, and other technologies to operate with self-sufficiency. Your company also may be focused on cutting costs, reducing headcount, and streamlining organizational structures. As a result, you may not have an assistant helping you perform to the best of your ability. However, because an assistant […]
  • Find That Pot o’ Gold! How to Ask for a Raise When You Believe You Deserve It

    Asking your manager for a raise can be daunting. Negotiating on your behalf, no matter how much you deserve it, is stressful. The key is to focus on the specific value you add to the organization when asking for more money. Follow these guidelines to ask for a raise when you believe you deserve it.    […]
  • Four Things to Look for When Building a Championship-Level Team

    As a leader, you want to be part of a championship-level team. You want your team to be committed to reaching company goals and doing what it takes to get ahead in their careers. If you aren’t already part of such a team, you can take steps to create one. Here are four things to […]
  • Stop the Madness! Find a New Job with THESE Tips

    Finding a new job is challenging. When many candidates have backgrounds similar to yours, standing out among the competition is difficult. The key is to show why your unique accomplishments make you best suited for the role. Here are a few suggestions to help you find a new job.    Clarify What You Want   Think about what you’re […]
  • These Tips Will Help Make Your Onboarding Process More Enjoyable

    Giving your new hire the best possible onboarding experience increases the odds that they’ll stay for at least a year. Having an exceptional onboarding experience helps confirm that they made the right choice deciding to work for you. Knowing all that’s possible about a company, its culture, management philosophy, and expectations helps new hires determine whether […]