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  • Prove Your Value: The Key to Landing the Commission Structure You Deserve

    Securing the sales commission structure you want affects which company you work for. Traditional structures are made up of fixed base salary and variable compensation. Because variable compensation depends on the sales results you achieve, you need a commission structure that fits your unique goals and performance level. Here’s how to land the commission structure […]
  • How to Take an Educated Leap in Your Career… Without Becoming a Manager

    Although you want to advance in your career, you may not want to take on managerial responsibilities. Maybe you don’t want to take away time from the parts of your job that you enjoy most. Perhaps administrative responsibilities don’t appeal to you. Even if you aren’t interested in leading a team, you still can develop […]
  • The Key to Creating High-Value Relationships with Your LinkedIn Connections

    More important than the number of LinkedIn connections you have is how deeply you’re connected to each. This is why having a bigger following doesn’t necessarily equate to making more sales. Although a large audience is great to have, your bigger goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships with each individual. Follow these guidelines to create high-value relationships with […]
  • Find That Pot o’ Gold! How to Ask for a Raise When You Believe You Deserve It

    Asking your manager for a raise can be daunting. Negotiating on your behalf, no matter how much you deserve it, is stressful. The key is to focus on the specific value you add to the organization when asking for more money. Follow these guidelines to ask for a raise when you believe you deserve it.    […]
  • How to Leave the Office with a Sense of Accomplishment Every Day

    Feeling accomplished is an integral part of your work. Being proud of your achievements has a substantial impact on your motivation, performance, and self-confidence. As a result, you want to end the majority of your workdays feeling you completed a significant amount of quality work. Here are four ways to leave the office with a […]