Job Seekers

  • The In-Demand IT Skills Right Now

    Knowing what IT hiring managers are looking for aids in your job search. Understanding what the in-demand skills are shows you what to focus on during an interview. Although the IT industry changes quickly with new developments, these skills provide a foundation to build on for other in-demand fields. Because many skills are certifiable, they […]
  • Common Characteristics That Separate a Coach from a Leader (Part 2)

    Although coaches and leaders have similar characteristics, they also have subtle differences. You want to instruct your team as well as inspire them. Learning to coach while leading helps your team and the company advance. You create the freedom and motivation to accomplish more than what seemed possible. Here are four characteristics that separate coaches […]
  • Three Tactics to Help Turn Your Cold Call into a Warm Lead

    Cold calls done the traditional way are ineffective. Because decision-makers are busy and don’t spend much time at their desks, they may not be available when you call. Since prospects do most of their research online, they may not be open to an unsolicited phone call. Thankfully, technology has played a significant part in the […]
  • Three Things to Look for in a Potential Mentor

    Having a mentor is an important part of your personal and professional development. They guide you along your career path and act as sounding boards for making decisions. A proper mentor is excited to share their knowledge, skills, and experience while providing advice to move toward your professional goals. Here are three qualities to search […]
  • Prove Your Value: The Key to Landing the Commission Structure You Deserve

    Securing the sales commission structure you want affects which company you work for. Traditional structures are made up of fixed base salary and variable compensation. Because variable compensation depends on the sales results you achieve, you need a commission structure that fits your unique goals and performance level. Here’s how to land the commission structure […]