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  • How to Make Your Introverted Employees More Comfortable During Meetings

    Helping introverted employees to be more comfortable during meetings can be challenging. They typically need more time than extroverts to process information and form ideas before sharing them. Introverts also prefer to assess situations before deciding how to act. This includes listening to others before taking action of their own.  Here are six ways to […]
  • 3 Public Speaking Podcasts to Help You Develop Your Speaking Characteristics

    As a sales professional, you’re always working on your speaking skills. One way to enhance your performance is by listening to podcasts by world-famous professional speakers, business owners, and other notable experts. Applying their insight helps you improve your skills and improve your sales performance.   Here are three public speaking podcasts to help develop […]
  • Two Ways to Prepare for a Challenging Conversation with Your Manager

    Like most employees, the thought of addressing a challenging issue with your manger may make you apprehensive. Not knowing how they might react can keep you from addressing your concerns. However, not directly dealing with the problem or talking about it with colleagues rather than your manager typically does more harm than good. For this […]
  • 6 Tech Podcasts to Subscribe to in 2020

    As a tech professional, staying current in your industry is important. Although you don’t always have time to listen to industry news, read tech magazines, or talk with other leaders to stay updated, you can fit in time each week to listen to podcasts. Here are six podcasts to subscribe to for the latest information in the tech industry.   The Vergecast Hosted by Nilay Patel, Dieter […]
  • The Key to Taking Control of Your Work-Life Balance

    Creating a work-life balance is one key to happiness. The choices you consistently make determine how satisfied you are with your job and life. For this reason, if you aren’t feeling fulfilled in your work and personal life, you need to make changes in what you focus your time and attention on while still meeting […]