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Want to Work Outside? A Change of Scenery Can Bring Productivity August 10, 2020 Did you know that leaving your office throughout the day lets you accomplish more? Although this may seem counterintuitive, a change of scenery helps you come back replenished and ready to work. You could further… Read More »
becoming a better leader through delegation Becoming a Better Leader Lesson 2: Delegation March 26, 2020 As a leader, you make daily decisions about how best to guide your team members to success. Your goal is to encourage employee involvement and empowerment, so your teammates perform their best. One way to… Read More »
team off for opening day Should You Give Your Team the Day Off for Opening Day? March 12, 2020 When Opening Day comes around, you should expect to see an increase in issues affecting your sales team’s productivity. Many team members may call in sick. Requests for annual leave or to work from home… Read More »