• Becoming a Better Leader Lesson 2: Delegation

    As a leader, you make daily decisions about how best to guide your team members to success. Your goal is to encourage employee involvement and empowerment, so your teammates perform their best. One way to motivate your team is through delegation. Since you don’t have time to complete every task, and you want team members […]
  • The Key to Creating High-Value Relationships with Your LinkedIn Connections

    More important than the number of LinkedIn connections you have is how deeply you’re connected to each. This is why having a bigger following doesn’t necessarily equate to making more sales. Although a large audience is great to have, your bigger goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships with each individual. Follow these guidelines to create high-value relationships with […]
  • Should You Give Your Team the Day Off for Opening Day?

    When Opening Day comes around, you should expect to see an increase in issues affecting your sales team’s productivity. Many team members may call in sick. Requests for annual leave or to work from home might increase. The company internet could be used more to stream sports and share posts on social media. Teammates tend […]
  • 3 Reasons to Leave Your Current Sales Role… That AREN’T Commission Structure

    As a sales professional, there’s more to work satisfaction than merely a desirable commission structure. If you lack room to grow within an organization, don’t blend with company culture, or lack autonomy to perform your job duties, you won’t be happy. Here are three reasons to leave your current sales role that doesn’t involve commission […]
  • Moving to Boston for Your Next Sales Role? Consider This Guide to the City Before Moving In

      If you’re thinking of moving to Boston for your next sales role, you need to know what to expect before making a firm decision. The historical sites along the Freedom Trail, trendy dining and shopping areas and top educational institutions make the city a top choice to live and work in. Read this guide […]