• Why Finding the Right Sales Manager Matters More Than Anything

    Your sales manager is responsible for overseeing and leading sales professionals. Your manager implements sales management processes, strategies, and objectives to help their team reach or exceed targets and goals. Because of these high-level responsibilities, choosing the most qualified candidate is of great importance.   The following responsibilities demonstrate why hiring the right sales manager needs […]
  • Sales Certifications to Help Grow Your Career

    In the highly competitive sales industry, showing how you stand out is essential for career growth. One way to differentiate yourself from others with similar education, skills, and experience is through certification. Becoming certified in a sales-related field shows you are dedicated to continuous learning and improvement. This is an essential trait that employers look […]
  • Timing Is Everything: Find the Most Productive Hours in Your Day

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  • Benefits of Offering Flexible Scheduling

    Letting your sales professionals work a flexible schedule enhances team and company success. Letting your team members decide when they work increases their happiness, engagement, and productivity. Your teammates accomplish more in less time, reach their individual and team goals, and remain with your organization long-term. All of this works together to move your business […]
  • Embracing the New Normal: Finding Success in Remote Work

    Working remotely in sales has its challenges. Although much of your business is best conducted in person, COVID-19 and social distancing have moved your interactions online. Instead of meeting at your or the client’s office, you meet in a virtual office. Rather than interacting face-to-face with your coworkers, you connect with them through video chats […]