• How Remote Work Expands Your Talent Market

    Like many sales managers, your team may be working remotely during COVID-19. Although this may have been done out of necessity, it can continue long-term and provide lasting benefits for your company. Along with increased engagement, productivity, and loyalty, you gain access to top salespeople from all over the country or world. This provides a strong […]
  • 3 Ways to Ensure You Close a Deal from the Beach

    Like most sales managers, you probably have your team working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. In an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus, you’re most likely not having in-person meetings with prospects. However, exhibiting transparency and building trust are best done when talking in person. For this reason, face-to-face conversation is an essential part of […]
  • Prove Your Value: The Key to Landing the Commission Structure You Deserve

    Securing the sales commission structure you want affects which company you work for. Traditional structures are made up of fixed base salary and variable compensation. Because variable compensation depends on the sales results you achieve, you need a commission structure that fits your unique goals and performance level. Here’s how to land the commission structure […]
  • Becoming a Better Leader Lesson 2: Delegation

    As a leader, you make daily decisions about how best to guide your team members to success. Your goal is to encourage employee involvement and empowerment, so your teammates perform their best. One way to motivate your team is through delegation. Since you don’t have time to complete every task, and you want team members […]
  • The Key to Creating High-Value Relationships with Your LinkedIn Connections

    More important than the number of LinkedIn connections you have is how deeply you’re connected to each. This is why having a bigger following doesn’t necessarily equate to making more sales. Although a large audience is great to have, your bigger goal is to cultivate meaningful relationships with each individual. Follow these guidelines to create high-value relationships with […]