• 3 Public Speaking Podcasts to Help You Develop Your Speaking Characteristics

    As a sales professional, you’re always working on your speaking skills. One way to enhance your performance is by listening to podcasts by world-famous professional speakers, business owners, and other notable experts. Applying their insight helps you improve your skills and improve your sales performance.   Here are three public speaking podcasts to help develop […]
  • How to Perfect Your Elevator Pitch to Help Close the Deal

      An elevator pitch is a segue that takes place within a casual conversation. You might use it when you run into a potential customer at a conference, trade show, or social event. Because your pitch can make or break a sale, later on, you want to keep it simple and conversational. Follow these steps […]
  • 4 Reasons to Trust Sales Search Partners with Your 2020 Hiring Needs

    Recruiting sales professionals takes a significant amount of time and money. Reviewing resumes, scheduling phone screens, conducting interviews, and negotiating job offers takes away valuable time from other responsibilities. To save time and money, you may be better off partnering with a sales staffing agency.   Here are four reasons to trust Sales Search Partners with Your 2020 hiring needs.   Flexible […]
  • The Key to Treating Each Sales Opportunity with a Humanistic Approach

    Everyone you work with is human. They eat, sleep, laugh, and have feelings. They have family, friends, values, and goals. In today’s world of artificial intelligence and evolving technology, it’s easy to forget that interacting with people involves treating them like human beings. For this reason, it’s important to treat each prospect as a person during every […]
  • How to Motivate Different Generations on Your Sales Team

    Working with multiple generations on your sales team can be challenging. Although you want everyone to collaborate as a team, you also need to acknowledge that they have different goals and interests. What may be relevant to one generation may not be as important to another. As a result, you need to find ways to motivate teammates in the ways that work […]