Should You Let Your Contract Employees Work Remote?

Paul Silvio, Vice President
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Letting employees work remote

Allowing contract employees to work remotely may have advantages. Increased engagement, productivity, and employee satisfaction are among them. However, deciding whether to let contract employees work remotely also needs to include discussion about collaboration issues and compliance with laws.  

Here are three things to think about when deciding whether to let your contract employees work remotely. 

Consider the Role Requirements 

Think about the core responsibilities of each contract employee’s role. If they require group creativity, in-person communication, rapid responses, or other collaboration, the employee should be required to work at the office. In contrast, if the role allows for mostly independent work, the contract employee should be allowed to work remotely. Be sure each contract clearly explains the services to be provided, the limit of time and compensation, location and details of remote workspace, and performance guidelines.    

Think About Training Requirements 

Determine whether a contract employee requires a significant amount of training and supervision when joining your company. It’s easier to learn information and ways of doing things by interacting with coworkers. Face-to-face training and supervision increase the odds of an employee successfully meeting the goals of the position. Being in the office means the employee’s work can be observed and modified as needed through real-time constructive feedback. Conversely, if the contract employee is expected to jump in and begin producing on their own, they should be allowed to work remotely.   

Include Information Security 

Determine whether allowing contract employees to work remotely is compliant with information security laws. Customer privacy regulations, nondisclosure agreements, and server security are important. You need a plan for remote employees to protect confidential information and reduce the risk of a security breach.   

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