What Tech Trends Should You Expect to Pay Attention to in 2020?

Paul Silvio, Vice President
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What Tech Trends Should You Expect to Pay Attention to in 2020?

As we approach a new decade, technology is evolving faster than ever. Staying current with key trends allows your company to prepare for new opportunities. Taking advantage of the latest technology helps your business stay competitive. As a result, you want to pay attention to these six tech trends in 2020.

Artificial Intelligence as a Service

Your company might be able to use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve customer experience and streamline business operations. Although people are becoming increasingly comfortable working with AI, designing and deploying AI-based systems for business use will remain expensive. As a result, many AI applications will be made through providers as part of as-a-service platforms. You provide company data and pay for the algorithms or compute resources as you use them. In addition to Amazon, Google and Microsoft, a growing pool of providers will be offering tailored applications and services for specific or specialized tasks.

5G Data Networks

The fifth generation of mobile internet connectivity can provide your business extremely fast download and upload speeds and more stable connections. Rather than being expensive and functioning only in confined areas or major cities, as in 2019, 5G mobile data plans will become more affordable and offer significantly improved coverage. Increased bandwidth will allow machines and robots to collect and transfer more data than ever.

Computer Vision

You might take advantage of computer vision. Systems that can identify items, places, objects, or people from visual images collected by a camera or sensor make up “vision” in computer terms. This technology enables your smartphone camera to recognize which part of an image it’s capturing is a face and powers technology like Google Image Search. Computer vision-equipped tools and technology will increase in use. Production lines will use computer vision cameras to look for defective products or equipment failures. Security cameras will alert staff to anything unusual without around-the-clock monitoring. Computer vision also will enable face recognition. In addition to Apple using computer vision to control access to iPhones through FaceID and Dubai airport utilizing the technology to provide a smoother customer journey, other companies will use computer vision to benefit their products/services.

Extended Reality

Extended reality might be introduced to or expanding in your company. New and emerging technologies used to create more immersive digital experiences make up extended reality. For instance, virtual reality (VR) uses headsets to provide a fully digital, immersive experience by entering a computer-generated world. Augmented reality (AR) uses smartphone screens or displays to overlay digital objects onto the real world. Mixed reality (MR), an extension of AR, lets users interact with digital objects placed in the real world. VR and AR will become prevalent for training and simulation and will provide new ways to interact with customers.

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