As a sales professional, there’s more to work satisfaction than merely a desirable commission structure. If you lack room to grow within an organization, don’t blend with company culture, or lack autonomy to perform your job duties, you won’t be happy. Here are three reasons to leave your current sales role that doesn’t involve commission structure.   

No Room for Advancement  

You need to leave your sales role if you’re unable to move up in the organization. Whether you prefer to focus on closing new business or developing existing relationships, you need more opportunities to perform the work you love. As a driven salesperson, you need larger territories, additional responsibilities, and opportunities for coaching, mentorship, and management. Ask yourself whether you want to be working for the same employer in five years and how far up you might be. You work hard to build your reputation and deserve to take on new challenges and be promoted accordingly.   

Bad Culture Fit  

If you don’t fit with company culture, you’re better off finding a sales role elsewhere. Perhaps your work environment doesn’t make you feel valued.
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Maybe your supervisors take advantage of your work. You might be expected to constantly come in early, stay late or work on your days off. Perhaps you’re in a hostile, overly competitive environment that makes you dread coming to work. You might be bored, stressed or unhappy. Your work may be unfulfilling, your contributions could go unnoticed or you might be expected to meet unrealistic deadlines. Worse, if the business is unstable or unprofitable, it may not be operating in three to six months. Even if the position is what you want, you’ll be happier finding a sales role in an organization with culture more suited to your personality.    

Lack of Autonomy  

When your supervisor insists on micromanaging, it’s time to find a new employer. Perhaps they feel the need to tell you how to perform every aspect of your job. Maybe your supervisor takes credit for your contributions and doesn’t praise you for your accomplishments. You probably feel stifled and controlled rather than free and creative. Not having autonomy means not controlling your career. It’s hard to grow and reach business goals when you have no freedom to do so. You can’t provide top-notch quality for your customers when your supervisor is breathing down your neck. If you have no support from your supervisor, you can’t move forward.   

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