Like most sales managers, you probably have your team working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic. In an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus, you’re most likely not having in-person meetings with prospects. However, exhibiting transparency and building trust are best done when talking in person. For this reason, face-to-face conversation is an essential part of the sales process. To overcome the obstacle of not being able to physically meet with prospects, you need the proper technology for your team to close deals remotely.    

Here are three ways your sales team can close deals without in-person contact.   

Video Conferencing Platform   

Have your sales team use a video conferencing platform to communicate with prospects virtually. Because face-to-face discussion is required to negotiate and close on deals, and the coronavirus’s potential spread prevents physical meetings right now, the best option is to converse virtually. Your sales professionals can talk with prospects, read their reactions, provide explanations, and make adjustments to agreements as needed.    

Proposal Management Software  

Decide which proposal management software your team should use to create and share proposals. Your sales professionals can choose a template that fits their proposal needs, edit the relevant sections, and create a final proposal. Because your reps can store proposals, welcome letters, contracts, agreements, quotes, marketing collateral, and related documents, they can easily categorize and tag documents to quickly find what they need. Your associates also can set passwords and encrypt digital files to ensure the information stays confidential and is accessed by authorized individuals.   

Electronic Signature Vendor  

Find an electronic signature vendor for your sales team to obtain prospect signatures. After your reps use proposal management software to generate a PDF file of a quote and email it to the prospect, the prospect can digitally sign the document and email it back to the rep. Because an electronic signature creates a clear audit trail for agreements, the documents are approved by the right person and legally verifiable. The strong data encryption technologies meet global security standards for cybersecurity, ensuring the confidentiality of the information.   

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