Recruiting sales professionals takes a significant amount of time and money. Reviewing resumes, scheduling phone screens, conducting interviews, and negotiating job offers takes away valuable time from other responsibilities. To save time and money, you may be better off partnering with a sales staffing agency.  

Here are four reasons to trust Sales Search Partners with Your 2020 hiring needs.  

Flexible Staffing Options 

Sales Search Partners fills all of your staffing needs. You may need temporary sales professionals to fill in for unexpected absences, employee vacations, extended leave, seasonal business, or other reasons. You might want to bring temporary-to-hire sales professionals aboard to determine whether they have the skills, knowledge, and experience you’re looking for and blend with company culture before deciding whether to hire them full-time. Or, you could need full-time sales professionals to fill sudden vacancies. In any case, you have the staff you need when you need them.   

Vast Network 

Sales Search Partners’ extensive network of sales professionals provides access to active and passive candidates. We cultivate relationships with professionals who have a variety of knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to fill your vacancies. We get to know each candidate’s goals, interests and personality to determine which candidates are best suited to fill your openings.  


Sales Search Partners has access to candidates who specialize in your industry. Because of their skills and experience, they require less initial training and quickly begin producing results. This is especially important if you work in a niche industry. You could spend weeks or months finding a candidate with the specialized skills you need if you had to look on your own. You save time and money by having our sales professionals jump right in and get to work.  

Efficient Hiring Process 

Sales Search Partners saves your company time and money by sourcing and shortlisting candidates for your open roles. Our vast network of sales professionals provides the candidates you need when you need them. We handle resume screening, phone screens, first interviews, and related activities to get to know candidates. We sit down with you and get to know your company, open sales roles, candidate requirements, and associated needs. Because we establish relationships with these professionals, we prescreen and qualify each to set up interviews with you efficiently. You receive detailed information on each candidate before meeting with them to help you make more informed decisions. Once you choose the desired candidate, we negotiate a salary and benefits package with you on the candidate’s behalf. We also follow up throughout the duration of temporary employment or the first year of permanent employment.   

Trust Sales Search Partners with Your Hiring Needs 

Trust Sales Search Partners with your hiring needs. We have the sales professionals you need to keep your business running. Contact us today.    

About Sales Search Partners

Sales Search Partners is the leading provider of sales recruiting services throughout the Greater Boston and New Hampshire markets. Today’s leading organizations turn to Sales Search Partners to attract and acquire top sales talent at all levels.

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