4 Reasons Why Administrative Professionals Are Superheroes

Maura Mann, Vice President
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No matter which company, business unit, or team you’re on, administrative professionals are your organization’s heroes. They’re the lifeline for everyone in your business, the glue that holds together everything. Even though administrative assistants don’t have direct reports, they affect everyone in your company.


Here are four reasons why administrative professionals are superheroes.


Effective Communication

Administrative professionals excel at all types of communication. They’re clear, direct, and concise. Administrative professionals are savvy on the phone, compose great emails, and project confidence when speaking face-to-face with employees at all levels. They’re adept at writing company-wide communications and putting together presentations for their boss. Administrative professionals learn the most effective ways to sharpen their communication skills. They request and implement constructive feedback on face-to-face scripts, emails, and other communications to increase clarity. As gatekeepers for a department or executive, administrative professionals handle incoming calls, reach out to vendors, and talk with executives at other companies. They display proper etiquette and manners when interacting with others.


Meticulous Organization

Administrative assistants are highly organized. They often arrive early and stay late to schedule, approve, and coordinate what’s needed. Administrative professionals answer emails and texts throughout each day and on weekends. They anticipate potential issues and proactively work to avoid them or find resolutions. Administrative professionals organize travel itineraries, coordinate meetings, and prepare briefing notes and meeting minutes. They track finances, pay invoices, and maintain spreadsheets. Administrative assistants screen and direct incoming calls and emails, file documents and open, distribute and follow up on incoming mail. They compose documents for signature, provide confidential personal support, and maintain personal information.


Emotional Intelligence

Administrative professionals understand and influence emotions in themselves and others. Because they’re attuned to others’ emotions, administrative professionals are adept at negotiations and other interactions. Having strong emotional intelligence results in more positive outcomes when requesting, performing, or negotiating work with a variety of people. Being able to read people helps administrative professionals anticipate bosses’ and other key associates’ needs. Understanding emotions helps them deal with negativity, manage stress, and resolve conflicts. Administrative professionals pay attention to tone and body language to read between the lines.


Creative Problem Solving

Administrative professionals are adept at creatively solving problems. Since their main responsibility is to keep things smoothly running, they have to overcome obstacles as they arise. Because administrative professionals know about many aspects of their work environment, they’re go-to people for resolving issues. The more efficiently and effectively administrative professionals troubleshoot, the more valuable they in their role.


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