Creating a communication system for your salesforce can be difficult. Each member is working on individual accounts. They may be out of the office, in meetings of their own, or working remotely. This makes it even more important to align your communication and ensure everyone is working toward individual, team, and company goals. Fortunately, this process is easy to set up and implement.

Here are five ways to promote effective communication among your salesforce.

  1. Use Technology

Implement a variety of technology to communicate with your salesforce. Use a customer relationship management (CRM) system to provide lead-nurturing categories, lead prioritization, automatic reminders, and access to the same information simultaneously. Decide on a collaboration platform for teammates to edit and share documents, create to-do lists and tasks, message each other, track information, and provide feedback. Choose an app that allows team members to work from any mobile device while syncing and coordinating their work.

  1. Hold Meetings

Keep your sales meetings focused and productive. Limit meetings to 20 minutes of focused goals and quality engagement. Ask a different team member to lead. This maintains engagement and fosters collaboration. Along with sharing information, give members of your salesforce opportunities to speak. Work with them to develop and implement their ideas and input whenever possible.

  1. Provide Training

Engage your salesforce in regular training opportunities. Ongoing learning keeps your team engaged while learning new ways to connect with prospects and clients. Regular professional development opportunities keep your salespeople evolving. They learn to enhance communication patterns between themselves, staff, and management to maintain a positive work environment.

  1. Give Performance Evaluations

Regularly provide your salesforce with actionable performance evaluations. In addition to the numbers, include factors such as leadership and communication skills, the ability to think creatively and solve problems, willingness to collaborate, and knowledge in niche areas. Provide relevant praise, feedback, and guidance on how to improve. Include time for discussion.

  1. Show Empathy

Include empathy when communicating with your salesforce. Because people are emotional beings, including emotion in your exchanges builds confidence and trust among your team. Put yourself in the other person’s place to determine the best way to deliver your message. Consider how they may respond to a message relayed in a certain way. Be clear and constructive in your communication. Recognize something good while suggesting specific actions for improvement. Your team will respect you more and respond better when they know you care.

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