When you’re running a small business, you can easily fall into a rhythm of doing it all yourself. Small business owners too often find themselves acting as the CEO, CFO, CMO, and CPA all at once. But, on a small team, that seems to be the norm —each member wears many different hats and embraces the challenge.

Nonetheless, one of the most valuable skills a small business owner can have is knowing when to lighten their load by delegating and/or outsourcing – allowing the focus to be on what’s important while other processes run seamlessly in the background. Building your team is one aspect that doesn’t have to weigh you down. Hiring a staffing firm to recruit, screen, and onboard new employees is routine for larger companies and can offer up a multitude of benefits for small and medium businesses, as well.

Whether you’re hiring your first employee or your 50th, staffing agencies can help make the most of every member you add to the team. Here are the top six benefits of hiring a staffing firm for your small business:

1. Access to Expert Employment Specialists

Hiring a for your small business means accessing the expertise of seasoned employment specialists. The employment experts you’ll work with through a staffing firm will be able to provide tailored advice and share their knowledge—like prepping the best interview questions and utilizing the most advanced background check websites. Taking the hiring process of your plate means putting these processes into the hands of experts and reducing your workload.

2. Streamlined Hiring Processes

Because staffing firms handle all stages of the hiring process—including recruiting, onboarding, and sourcing employees—you will have a much smoother hiring experience. Having one team manage all hiring processes means fewer breakdowns in communications and faster hiring for your small business. Candidates move quickly and often have competing offers, so it’s important to have a tightly run recruiting process in order to secure top talent. You’ll have your open roles filled sooner rather than later.

3. Consolidated Costs

What’s another benefit of working with a staffing firm? Cost. As your company scales and your bottom line becomes more profitable, outsourcing the hiring process becomes much more feasible, especially if you hire a staffing agency to do it all. Consider a staffing firm as a bulk deal—you’ll get rid of all the extra packaging that would come with hiring a recruiting agency, an employee vetting agency, and HR professionals for employee onboarding. Because a staffing agency offers all these services in one bundle, they’ll likely be able to offer them all to you for a lower price.

4. Expanded Network

Let’s be honest, more often than not, new and growing businesses don’t have the same name recognition that bigger businesses do. You’ll get there some day, but first you’ll need to find stellar employees to help you along the way to build up your brand and reputation. Finding rockstar employees can be a difficult, fruitless cycle for businesses that are just getting off the ground. Hiring staffing firms can help you get out of this cycle. With their extensive networks and often clout-backed names, staffing firms will be able to get in touch with industry leaders that you might not have been able to get in touch with without their help.

5. Higher-Performing Employees

The benefits of hiring a staffing firm for your small business will extend far beyond the initial hiring and onboarding processes. With small teams, each additional employee is—proportionately speaking—far more crucial than they are with large teams and hold more responsibility. As such, you’ll need to take careful steps in order to hire someone who is the right fit for your team. Working with a staffing agency makes the odds of finding that person much more achievable. And the effects of this will reverberate through your business with every home run that your new stellar employee makes.

6. More Time to Run Your Small Business

Face it—you didn’t start your business so that you could spend hours at a time on the logistics of hiring a new employee. While growing your team is an exciting decision to make—and signals a promising trajectory for your business—it’s not necessarily your specialty. You’re here to make the big decisions, and deciding to hand your hiring processes over to a staffing team will give you time to make even more high-level, strategy-based calls for the future of your small business.

Onboarding Your Small Business Team with a Staffing Firm: The Bottom Line

There you have it—the six most notable benefits of hiring a staffing firm to grow your small business’ team. Making the choice to outsource your hiring processes can be nerve-wracking—it can feel like a lot of delegation and, on top of that, a lot of your business’ budget is going to an external agency. That being said, finding and vetting a top-notch staffing firm can save you hours and hours of searching for and evaluating potential employees in the future. Taking the time to find a staffing firm you can trust can set you up for years of successful growth in the future.

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