Although honesty and integrity are expected from leaders, they’re two areas where people seem to need help demonstrating. If leaders aren’t exhibiting behaviors that people view as showing honesty and integrity, leaders are viewed as less trustworthy. As a result, job satisfaction, employee engagement, turnover, absenteeism, work performance, stress, and health tend to be adversely impacted. Because honesty and integrity are such important traits of effective leaders, you need to show these characteristics through your everyday behaviors. When this happens, you’re viewed as more trustworthy. Employee performance turns around, and culture improves. As a result, you need to discover exactly what employees at all levels of your organization see as demonstrating honesty and integrity so you can shape your actions accordingly. Here’s how.

Behavioral Examples of Honesty and Integrity

Think of which leaders demonstrate honesty and integrity. What specific behaviors cause you to experience them this way? You might view transparency and openness as showing honesty and integrity. Leaders demonstrating these qualities are willing to communicate what they think or feel, even when it’s uncomfortable or unpopular. Perhaps you see goodness as being willing to listen to and discuss ideas before having all the information or alternatives. Maybe you view it as keeping your word and delivering it on time. You may think of integrity as having the courage to speak up when your point of view differs from your manager’s or a commonly held belief about how things should be done. You could interpret integrity as coming in early or staying late when needed and having a strong work ethic. Consistently displaying these behaviors shows you’re a leader full of honesty and integrity.

Your Coworkers’ Views on Honesty and Integrity 

Ask your coworkers how they visualize honesty and integrity so you can model those behaviors. Although everyone wants leaders to show honesty and integrity, people tend to define those traits differently. Because of differences in perception, find out specifically how managers, colleagues, direct reports, and other key stakeholders define honesty and integrity. They might include telling the truth, turning inaccurate expense reports, or creating a strong sense of teamwork. Model those behaviors at all times.

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