Like many people, you may have become unemployed during COVID-19. If so, you might be having difficulty securing a full-time role. In this case, have you thought about taking on a contract position? Many companies are hiring for contract positions because they cost less than full-time positions. A contract role lasts for a set amount of time, typically 3 to 12 months, and can lead to an offer of full-time employment. You’re able to try out an employer and position before deciding whether to make a long-term commitment to the organization. This provides you with an income as you seek full-time employment. 

Here are four reasons to accept a contract position if you’re unemployed due to COVID-19. 

  1. Expand Your Network 

Working in a contract position lets you expand your professional network. Every connection you make can move you toward a full-time role within the organization. Or, someone you meet may introduce you to an individual outside the company who can help you land a permanent role elsewhere. If you make a favorable impression on your manager, but they can’t offer you full-time employment, they may serve as a reference or provide a recommendation for another job.  

  1. Meet Top Employers 

Accepting a contract position can mean working for a highly desirable company. This is especially important if you’re outside of the usual employee profile, such as coming from a different industry. You can use your transferrable skills and abilities to blend with company culture and demonstrate why you’re best qualified for the role. Or, the hiring manager might bring you aboard on a contract basis because they need your technical skills but require time to define a formal role. As you prove your value throughout the duration of your contract, you increase the odds of being offered a full-time position.   

  1. Demonstrate Your Value 

Accepting a contract position lets you show the value you provide your employer. Treat your duration of employment as an extended interview. Demonstrate how your skills and knowledge make a positive impact on the role, team, and company. Show why you’d be an excellent long-term fit with the organization. Maintain a list of your contributions and accomplishments to increase your chances of securing permanent employment. 

  1. Enhance Your Resume 

Working in a contract position builds your resume. Listing contract work between permanent roles shows you keep your industry knowledge and skills current. Contract work demonstrates a commitment to taking on specialized tasks in your field and building your expertise. Cultivating your reputation for learning provides an advantage in finding permanent employment.   

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