Letting your sales professionals work a flexible schedule enhances team and company success. Letting your team members decide when they work increases their happiness, engagement, and productivity. Your teammates accomplish more in less time, reach their individual and team goals, and remain with your organization long-term. All of this works together to move your business forward. 

Here are five advantages of offering your sales team a flexible schedule. 

Maintain Work-Life Balance  

Having a flexible schedule lets your sales professionals take care of personal needs during the day. Being able to adapt their work hours to fulfill family responsibilities and have a social life makes them happy. Your team members can build their work schedule around their children’s daycare hours, meet their partner for lunch, or spend an afternoon catching up with a friend. Enhancing personal relationships is essential for sales professionals’ happiness, job satisfaction, and productivity.  

Prioritize Self-Care  

Working a flexible schedule lets your teammates focus on their overall wellness. Being able to fill their physical, mental continually, and emotional needs are vital for complete well-being. Having time to participate in a cycling class, meditate in the park, or practice yoga lets your sales professionals clear their heads, relieve stress, and stay healthy. This increases employee happiness, reduces the number of sick days used, and helps prevent burnout.   

Pursue Personal Interests 

With a flexible schedule, your team members can participate in activities they are passionate about. This may include early morning photography at a local park, an afternoon poetry class, or a late afternoon hiking adventure. Focusing on personal interests encourages innovation, productivity, and job satisfaction.  

Work During Peak Hours  

A flexible schedule allows your sales team to work when they are most productive. This may be best early in the morning, later in the afternoon, or both. Perhaps your teammates perform their best when making sales calls in the morning, conducting meetings and follow-ups in the afternoon, and completing paperwork at night. Team members who typically feel more productive in the morning might not sleep well the night before and decide to shift their work to the afternoon. Being able to work during peak performance hours increases employee engagement, productivity, and happiness.  

Increase Employee Happiness 

Having a flexible schedule enhances employee happiness. Because your sales professionals can schedule work around their personal needs and interests, they remain more engaged and productive throughout the day. Team members tend to work longer hours because they have control over when their tasks get done. Having autonomy encourages sales professionals to remain with your organization long-term. This attracts top talent to your company, promotes retention, and decreases recruiting costs. 

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