With the coronavirus’s spread causing many companies to alter their ways of conducting business in early 2020, you may have been one of the unlucky employees who got laid off. Because your time away was unplanned, returning the workforce can be challenging. Although employers will understand that what happened was beyond your control, you may feel anxious about whether your time away will impact your ability to get a new position. Fortunately, reentering the workforce doesn’t have to feel overwhelming.

Follow these tips to successfully transition back into the workforce after a layoff due to the coronavirus.

Consider Which Type of Job You Want

Think about what you want and need from your next job. Focus on what will be fulfilling and gratifying while covering your budget. You may want to go back to the field you were in, or try something different. Include salary requirements, benefits, flexible hours, and anything else that matters to you.

Refresh Your Industry Knowledge

Familiarize yourself with what’s been happening in the industry you want to work in. Visit Glassdoor to research companies in your field. Find out the salary range for roles that interest you. Connect with people you know who work in the field. Let them know that you’re reentering the workforce after a layoff due to COVID-19. Ask your connections about the latest industry outlook, including major players and new jargon, and whether they have any job leads, tips, or advice for returning to work. Set up informational interviews to feel more connected in your industry. Ask to use these connections as references during your job search. Participate in conferences and LinkedIn Groups to get updated on industry news, events, and trends.

Update Your Skills

Freshen up on everything in your industry to create more effective cover letters and resumes and speak more confidently during interviews. Consider regularly volunteering to get back in the habit of being in a structured environment. Focus on roles that develop the skills employers in your field want to see. Participate in webinars or online courses to learn about new products or programs in your industry. Read industry news or listen to podcasts to educate yourself on the latest developments.

Prepare for Your Job Search

Get ready to begin finding your next job. Update your LinkedIn profile and resume. Consider using a functional resume rather than chronological to deemphasize the gap in employment history. Customize each cover letter to match the job posting. Focus on the top skills and experience mentioned. Quantify your successes to show you benefitted past employers and can benefit your next one. Prepare answers to common interview questions, including why you were laid off because of COVID-19. Determine which outfit to wear to your interviews.

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