When interviewing accounting or finance candidates, you need a set of questions that uncover their hard and soft skills. Knowing how their experiences and accomplishments make them best qualified for a role helps you narrow down which candidate to extend a job offer to. Keeping your questions the same for each candidate ensures you gain the information you need to make an informed decision. Ask these questions when interviewing accounting and finance candidates.

What Are Some Examples of Accounting Reports You Have Prepared?

Find out how the candidate maintains accounting principles, practices and procedures to ensure accurate, timely financial statements and reporting. Learn about their ability to take on multiple accounting projects and meet tight deadlines. See how well the candidate understands generally accepted and statutory accounting principles. Determine whether they know how to prepare the reports you need or would require training.

How Do You Evaluate the Reliability of the Financial Data You Obtain?

Uncover how the candidate commits to top performance standards. Find out how well they pay attention to detail and quality control measures. Learn about any processes the candidate may have put in place to ensure they receive accurate financial information.

How Do You Remain Updated on Accounting Laws and Regulations?

Since the rate of change in the accounting and finance industry is rapid, uncover how the candidate stays current. Learn about how they monitor the latest developments. Examples may include subscriptions to industry publications, memberships in professional organizations or participation in conferences, seminars and webinars.

Which Types of Accounting Software Have You Used in Previous Jobs?

Determine whether the candidate already knows the system your company uses. If not, they’ll need training if they’re hired. Although you may prefer a candidate with software experience, remain open to hiring one without. Ask follow-up questions to determine how easily the candidate learns new technology so you get a sense of how quickly they’ll gain the skills needed for the job.

How Do You Present Financial Data to Non-Financial Staff?

Find out how well the candidate explains financial information to staff in other departments. They need to be comfortable and effective at doing so. Properly sharing financial information so others understand it is important to make decisions that keep the company operating.

Why Did You Choose Accounting and Finance as a Career?

Determine the candidate’s core intentions for wanting to work with your company. See whether they show passion for the industry more than job stability or a certain salary. Look for a candidate who loves what they do and wants to go to work each day.

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