Working remotely in sales has its challenges. Although much of your business is best conducted in person, COVID-19 and social distancing have moved your interactions online. Instead of meeting at your or the client’s office, you meet in a virtual office. Rather than interacting face-to-face with your coworkers, you connect with them through video chats or messaging platforms. For someone used to spending their workday talking with people, conducting business from home can be socially isolating. Fortunately, you can overcome these issues and be successful in selling from home.

Implement these tips to be successful in your remote sales role.

Maintain a Routine

Create a routine, so you have some structure in your day. Choose a consistent start and end time. Let members of your household know that they need to be as quiet as possible and take care of pets during these hours. Get ready each morning. Take a walk before work, so you leave the house. Schedule phone calls and virtual client meetings for the morning and email for the afternoon. Take breaks throughout the day. Engage in casual conversations with coworkers over Slack and lunch dates over Zoom. Monitor your productivity to ensure you finish everything you need to. 

Designate a Workspace 

Set aside an area dedicated solely to work. This may be an office, the kitchen table, or another quiet, well-lit area of your home. Personalize your workspace. Add artwork, lamps, plants, or other elements that make you comfortable. Since you spend a significant amount of time working, you want to be excited to enter your space each morning.

Schedule Breaks

Take regular breaks throughout the workday. Even if you are getting more done at home than you would at the office, your brain needs rest to process information properly. Go for a quick walk or run. Briefly check in with your family. Read a book for 10 minutes. Take an hour-long lunch break that includes movement. Come back refreshed, focused, and ready to sell.


Have casual discussions with colleagues like at the office. Schedule video chats and virtual coffee with your team. Call a colleague to see how their day is going. Set up a time with your teammates to discuss current industry news, trends, and best practices.

Stay Organized

Remain organized to maximize your time. Use your calendar to block off certain hours to finish essential tasks. This includes prospecting, sourcing, following up, and closing sales. Stay on track by asking qualifying questions, understanding buying expectations, and setting up next-step dates.

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