Asking your manager for a raise can be daunting. Negotiating on your behalf, no matter how much you deserve it, is stressful. The key is to focus on the specific value you add to the organization when asking for more money. Follow these guidelines to ask for a raise when you believe you deserve it.

Speak Up Often  

Instead of waiting for your annual review, openly talk about your accomplishments as they occur. Share with your managers, mentors, and colleagues what you learned from your latest project. Talk about what you want from your career. Ask for feedback to help you achieve it. Use proof points to show you’re making progress. Ask about how to reach business goals and earn promotions. Continually position yourself for the next step. Develop the reputation and relationships you want and need to ask for a raise at the right time and in the right way.

Be Specific  

Focus on the value you bring to the company. Point out specific achievements that increased revenue, decreased expenses, or saved time. Perhaps your research helped the company expand into a new marketplace. Maybe the project you led to increased your team’s efficiency. Perhaps you deepened customer loyalty or enhanced internal communication. Use data to back up your contributions. Maintain a mindset of why you deserve a raise based on what you bring to the table. Be an active and influential participant in the discussion. State specifically what you’ve contributed to the organization, how your accomplishments align with business goals, and what your desired outcome of a raise looks like. Point out how receiving a salary boost benefits the organization. You’ll be in a more powerful position to negotiate effectively.

Deliver Results  

Consistently deliver results before asking for a raise. Know what you need to do to provide a critical result, then set to work implementing your plan. Once you achieve the desired success, talk about, and document it. This may include proactively solving a problem, increasing sales or headcount, improving efficiencies or processes, or providing other benefits. When the time is right to ask for a raise, be prepared with your verbal and written accomplishments to illustrate why you deserve a pay increase.

Seek Support  

Ask members of your network for support in requesting a raise. Since negotiating may be uncomfortable, ask a trusted friend to rehearse with you. Talk with professionals experienced in negotiations to give you advice. Find people who’ve done your job at similar companies or who hire for your role and ask what the market rate is for your position. Keep in mind that you’re justified in asking for more money because you deserve it. You continually add value to the organization and need to be appropriately rewarded.

Find a New Job  

If you’re turned down for a raise more than once, consider finding a new job. The Nagler Group can put you in touch with employers looking to fill HR, legal, or administrative jobs in Massachusetts or New Hampshire. Find out more today.

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