Programming skills are in high demand among employers. Emerging technology and the increasing number of startups being launched require qualified developers. Strong competition means continually expanding your learning and knowledge. Although there are a variety of ways to study coding, you must practice what you learn to stay on top of the job market.  

Here are four tools to bring your coding skills to the next level. 

Coding Websites 

Coding websites provide a wealth of information. For instance, LeetCode covers basic to advanced topics that dig into data structures and algorithms. Problems include brain teasers, dynamic programming, backtracking, linked-list, and other issues you may encounter in a technical interview. Join the coding community, participate in contests, and take mock tests to increase your skills. HackerRank helps you develop competitive programming skills. You can learn about interview preparation, enter contests, and solve algorithms. You also can practice C, C++, Java, Python, Functional Programming, SQL, Database, Mathematics, Data Structures, and Artificial Intelligence challenges. CodeForces hosts competitive programming contests. Problems often require knowledge of Tree, Linked-List, Hash Table, or Breadth-First Search. There are activities to participate in before competing in the contests. 

Coding Games 

Coding games let you practice code to win. For instance, Robocode uses Java, C+, and other programming languages to control a tank fighting other tanks. As an open-source project, you can create modes and add-ons to modify the game as you desire. CodeGym uses Java to solve puzzles. It teaches you how to write solutions for various tasks, fix or adapt existing code to fit different requirements, and other applications. CodeCombat consists of puzzles and challenges you solve by writing JavaScript code.   


Finding a mentor helps advance your coding skills. Coding experts love talking about their knowledge, skills, and experiences to help you build your own. They also can help you navigate your workplace, stay current on developments in the tech sector, and provide advice to increase your career success. Your mentor can provide suggestions and constructive feedback on the quality of the code you write and the way you approach your work. 

Reading Code 

Reading lots of code improves your skill level. Think of seeing how someone else solved a programming problem as a lesson and a challenge. Ask yourself how you would’ve written a block of code, including what you would’ve done differently. Consider what you learned and how you can apply the technique to code you wrote in the past. If the code is from an open-source project and feel you have a better solution, write it down. Share your code in a blog post, the code review process, or community forum with other developers. 

Find Your Next Coding Job 

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