Like many sales managers, your team may be working remotely during COVID-19. Although this may have been done out of necessity, it can continue long-term and provide lasting benefits for your company. Along with increased engagement, productivity, and loyalty, you gain access to top salespeople from all over the country or world. This provides a strong competitive edge for your business to prosper.   

Here are four reasons why offering remote sales roles opens up your talent pool.   

Your Talent Pool Moves Beyond Geography  

Offering remote sales positions allows your talent market to expand beyond geographical limits. This is especially important if your business is located outside a major metropolitan area. Rather than being limited to skilled professionals in your area who could drive to the office, you can hire talented sales professionals from anywhere around the nation or globe. Growing your network like this increases your company’s competitive edge.     

Top Candidates Prefer Work-Life Balance  

Leading sales professionals seek a work-life balance. Offering remote work provides the flexible schedule they desire. When sales professionals have more control over their time, they tend to be more productive, provide a greater quality of work, and be more loyal to their employer than sales professionals who work onsite. Offering remote work attracts more candidates to your company.  

New Hires Do Not Have to Relocate  

Many top sales professionals don’t want to relocate for a new job. By offering remote work, you open your talent pool to skilled candidates who otherwise might not have applied. You also save money by not having to cover relocation costs as part of an employment contract.   

You Can Scale Your Business  

Scaling your business is easier when you can hire employees from anywhere. You’re more likely to find the best candidates when you have a greater reach than within your city or state. This opens up your organization to more markets and opportunities than if your sales professionals worked onsite. You won’t have a shortage of sales talent when you look nationwide or globally.   

Find Remote Workers  

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