As a sales manager, suggesting the right sales rep to replace you when you move up is a significant responsibility. For this reason, you need to start preparing your team for leadership roles now.

Here are 5 ways to coach your new sales hires into leadership roles.

Teach Networking

Start small with company events such as potlucks or after-work activities. As your reps gain confidence, bring them to events where they’ll meet other professionals in your industry. Introduce reps to your contacts. Encourage them to meet people on their own as well. Teach reps to form connections with strangers, initiate conversations and provide something mutually beneficial while asking for something they need or want. Eventually, they can represent your company at industry events.

Provide Relevant Experience

Give your new sales reps projects and assignments in line with your managerial duties. They’ll need them to advance in the organization. For instance, if you give a presentation every month explaining what your department does within the company, invite newer reps to watch you do the presentation several times. Eventually, you can ask each rep to give the presentation in your place. You can apply the same concept to running meetings, overseeing projects and other duties involving managing team members. Your reps can ensure the team stays on task, meets objectives and collaborates, just like a manager would.

Create an Ownership Mentality

Your new sales reps need to feel like trusted, valued members of your team. Encourage reps to provide ideas and input to benefit your department. Ask them to pursue side projects that may increase sales. Allow your reps to make smart, informed decisions without running them by you first. Encourage them to learn from their mistakes so they do better next time.

Promote Empowerment

Empower your new sales reps by giving them responsibility for tasks to develop their key areas. Provide stretch assignments. Let reps lead projects or take the lead on a sales call. Regularly check in to offer advice. The more autonomy you give, the more your reps know you trust their abilities.

Share Feedback  

New sales reps need to know how they’re doing so they can change what’s not working. Encourage reps to build on the areas they excel in. Suggest ways to develop areas that need improvement. Praise often. Reward achievements.

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