According to Seth Godin’s book Purple Cow, companies no longer can rely solely on good marketing to be successful. Instead, employers need to be remarkable to encourage people to work for or do business with them. Because the marketplace is filled with brown cows, the only way to stand out is to be a purple cow. One way to become a purple-cow organization is by hiring purple-cow sales reps.

Since employees are one aspect that sets apart your business from the competition, you need to demonstrate why purple-cow sales reps should work for you rather than someone else. Here are a few ways.

Have a Meaningful Company Mission

A purple-cow sales rep needs to be passionate about your company mission. They want to believe in what they’re doing and feel like they’re helping clients achieve something. A top sales rep wants to know that their work has a significant impact on people’s lives. This may include bringing a product/service to market that challenges the status quo. Or, it may involve being socially responsible and ethical, making the world a better place.

Offer a Consultative Selling Process

A purple-cow sales rep wants to get to know prospects on a personal level to guide them as to which products/services best fit their needs. Finding out exactly what a prospect’s goals and challenges are, then helping to reach and resolve them, is significantly rewarding. Since buyers typically use the internet to educate themselves before talking to salespeople, a top salesperson focuses on attracting, guiding, and partnering with prospects. They take the time to research the prospect, ask questions, and actively listen to fully understand the problems and customize solutions.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

A purple-cow sales rep wants to be challenged and learn new skills for career growth. They want to work in an environment where they need to improve to bring their career to the next level continuously. Since a top sales rep thrives on competition, they look for a company with a desirable culture and established team they can grow with.

Show Committed Leadership

A purple-cow sales rep wants a company that’s transparent about how committed its leadership is. They want to know that leaders are approachable and willing to share company plans and progress. Since a top sales rep wants to be kept in the loop, open communication and executive commitment to success and innovation are required. They look for the ability to contribute to a thriving, well-run organization meaningfully.

Empower Employees

A purple-cow sales rep looks for the empowerment of employees at all levels. They want ongoing team collaboration and opportunities to contribute ideas and solutions. A top sales rep wants to be encouraged to act, innovate, and improve the business. This fuels their need for a sense of achievement and contribution.

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