Similar to many sales professionals, you may have been laid off when companies began temporarily closing in early 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, you might have spent many months out of the workforce. Although you may have enjoyed time with your family, you probably have been updating your sales skills while searching for a job. Regularly adding to your abilities makes you even more attractive to employers. Knowing how to discuss your learning during an interview increases your odds of finding your next job.  

Find out how to talk about the sales skills you picked up during unemployment due to the coronavirus.   

Discuss Your Commitment to Lifelong Learning  

Talk about how your dedication to learning helped you pick up sales skills online during your time off. There are seemingly endless webinars and online courses you could have chosen from. Lynda, Udemy, or Skillshare may have added to your knowledge about creating a foundation for sales management, mastering the sales process, or measuring your salesforce effectiveness. Coursera, edX, Udacity, FutureLearn, or iveristy may have enhanced your knowledge about mastering the selling process, essential strategies and skills for negotiation, or strategic sales management. Since many courses are on-demand, free during COVID-19, and can be applied for credit toward certification or a degree, your new employer should be impressed with your decision to take advantage of these opportunities.   

Mention Your Latest Certification  

If you used your online webinars and courses to gain certification in a sales-related field, be sure to share how you decided which area to become certified in and how your education applies to the role you want. You may have determined which area to focus on by reading job ads for positions you want, which often specify required or preferred certifications. You probably chose the webinars and courses to participate in based on your skill areas that needed to be developed. You may have become a Certified Inside Sales Professional (CISP), Certified Sales Leadership Professional (CSLP), or some other title that benefits your career path. Apply what you learned to the position you want to show how your education will benefit your next employer.   

Apply Your Data Literacy  

If you gained knowledge about data literacy, show how your new skills will benefit your company. Data is critical for any organization to better serve customers with the appropriate products and services during and after a crisis. Understanding data related to business trends and evolving customer needs makes you better equipped to make more educated sales decisions and respond to prospects and clients appropriately. This increases your attractiveness to employers.    

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