According to hiring professionals mentioned in a 2017 Glassdoor report candidate demographics are more important in recruiting success than the number of job seekers converting to applicants, how long it takes to fill a position, how long it takes to deliver a job offer, and the ratio of applicants to hires. Top professionals want to see diversity in age, gender, ethnicity, experiences and thought throughout your team. If they don’t find what they are looking for, highly skilled talent is likely to apply with a company where diversity is visible. Avoid losing out on the best candidates by having a lack of diversity present in your workforce.

Follow these guidelines to create a diverse talent pipeline for your company.

Determine Which Type of Diversity Is Lacking
Figure out the type of diversity missing from your workforce. Start by surveying your employee and candidate demographics. Include personality types, age, gender, race, and personal and professional experiences. Make a list of all the data you uncover. These are the areas your company is strong in. Use this information to create a list of demographics you want in your talent pipeline. Focus on these areas when deciding which candidates to interview.

Track Targeted Hiring Metrics

Find out how top candidates learned about your company and why they decided to apply. Perhaps candidates discovered your organization through an employee referral, job board, client referral, or online search. Maybe an open position, your company mission, or how an employee or client talked about your company made candidates want to work for you. This information shows how diverse candidates find potential employers and what attracts them to a role. Use this data to target your candidate search through sources that are proven successful. Focus on aspects of your business that are most attractive to bring other top talent to your team.

Modify Your Sourcing Methods

Improve your sourcing methods to create a more diverse talent pipeline. Rewrite your job descriptions to make them more inclusive. Because most women will apply for a job only if they fit every requirement, preface the posting by encouraging candidates to apply even if they do not fit every requirement. Skills and competencies can show up through life experiences, not just in work experience. If you are searching for minority candidates, begin a job posting with a message for minorities to reach out to you through email for further discussion directly. For candidates who want to work for your company but may not be interested in a current opening, provide an opportunity to remain in contact. Request that they tell you what they are interested in so you can have a recruiter reach out, learn more about them, and add them to your talent network.

Conduct a Diversity Search

Have KNF&T Staffing Resources conduct a diversity search for your company. Our recruiters provide expertise in diversity recruiting, diversity sourcing, diversity coaching, and veteran placement capabilities. Partner with us today.

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