Feeling accomplished is an integral part of your work. Being proud of your achievements has a substantial impact on your motivation, performance, and self-confidence. As a result, you want to end the majority of your workdays feeling you completed a significant amount of quality work.

Here are four ways to leave the office with a sense of accomplishment.

Write Down Your Accomplishments

Make a list of what you get done each day. Demonstrate that you took steps and were productive. Perhaps you finished 75% of a task and 50% of a report. Celebrate reaching these small milestones. Then, write down tasks to accomplish the next day. Knowing you can get more done tomorrow helps you feel prepared.

Create Your Definition of Success

Figure out your characteristics of a successful day. Feeling accomplished is a subject, relative term. There’s more than one way to measure it. Defining a successful day depends on your needs, desires, ambitions, and drivers. As a result, your definition of a successful day may be very different from someone else’s. For this reason, don’t benchmark your feeling of accomplishment with someone else’s. You may not be able to do what they did, but you did what mattered most to you.

Appreciate Yourself

Focus on the reasons you value yourself. Remind yourself that you’re well-equipped, capable, and prepared. Talk to yourself about who you are, why you’re here, and what it took to get as far as you have in your career. Point out your knowledge, skills, strengths, and capabilities. Remind yourself why you love your job and enjoy your company.

Answer Specific Questions

Build your feeling of accomplishment by asking yourself three specific questions: “Did I make my life easier for tomorrow?” “Am I proud of the work I finished?” “Did I do everything I had to?” If you answer “yes” to all three, leave the office with a feeling of accomplishment. If not, figure out whether this is a common occurrence or you simply had an off day. As a human, there are days where you won’t finish all you want or complete your work at the level you desire. As long as you finish most days on a high note, you’re doing well.

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