When it comes to finding an IT job, differentiating yourself from other candidates is one key to your success. Thinking in-depth about how your skills contributed to your past accomplishments and can lead to future achievements for other employers is important. Demonstrating IT skills that other candidates may lack, or showing how your past application of these skills can provide similar benefits in your next position, may make a difference in being extended a job offer. Demonstrating confidence in your abilities makes you stand out in your cover letter and interview, increasing your odds of landing the role you want.

Implement these tips so your IT skills give you an edge over other job candidates.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume

Make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume reflect your current IT skills. Your information will regularly change as you take on new projects and responsibilities, get promoted, and change employers. Hiring managers and recruiters need to see how you can benefit an organization. The more recent and in-demand your skills are, the more marketable you become.

Share Projects You Completed

Keep a list of projects you worked on that demonstrate your IT skills. Perhaps you updated a company website to make it more user friendly and informative, which increased site traffic and profits. Maybe you created a social media solution to market a company’s brand to target audiences. You might have made an employer’s local file storage systems cloud-based so that file-sharing was more efficient, economical, and secure.

Set Up Informational Interviews

Set up a 30-minute virtual meeting with an IT professional in the role you want about the skills needed to gain an edge over other job seekers. Begin by creating a personal connection with the person. They’ll be more inclined to advocate for you if you want to work for their employer or let you know when a position opens up. Listen to the challenges within the role to gain a higher level of understanding of what the work entails. Consider how your skills apply to the responsibilities and which skills you need to gain. Find ways to develop them through a webinar, conference, or online class. Use what you learned during and after the interview to enhance your cover letter and interview preparation.

Tell Stories

Share stories about how you used your IT skills in previous positions in ways that are relevant to the role you want. This highlights your skills that are necessary to complete the work and shows you have a broader understanding of the role requirements. Include details about how your past experiences make you suited for the new role.

Find Your Next IT Role

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