If your IT team is working remotely, you need to know they are productive. Because you do not see them at the office each day, you must find ways to check in regularly. Seeing how everyone is doing, answering questions, and providing support are necessary for your team and company to succeed.  

Consider which of these methods to use to measure productivity among your IT team.  
Communicate Expectations  

Let your team know exactly what is expected of them. Communicating objectives eases tension and anxiety over what should be accomplished and when. Discuss the hours your team needs to be available during the week. Schedule daily individual meetings and weekly team meetings to keep everyone informed about the latest developments. Encourage open communication to promote transparency and trust. Offer additional support for individuals when needed. 

Provide Communication Tools  

Give your team the tools they need to remain in touch. These tools should be used for chat, project management, web and video conferencing, scheduling, workflow automation, collaboration, and prototyping. The tools can provide individual and team organization, accountability, and insight into how work gets done along with communication.  

Focus on Engagement 

Monitoring your team’s engagement levels lets you improve their performance. Pay attention to how your teammates interact using the communication tools. If a team member appears anxious or stressed, privately talk with them about their concerns. Empathize with the person’s struggles. Providing support increases engagement and performance. Teammates feel more connected and accountable for their actions. They are more inclined to hold themselves responsible for reaching individual and team goals and objectives.  

Set Key Performance Indicators   

Determine which key performance indicators (KPIs) are most important for your team. These metrics need to be influenced or controlled by an individual and tied to a business goal. Examples include code delivery, code churn, time to complete a project, the average number of required bug fixes, and deadlines hit or missed. Focus on one KPI per role. 

Emphasize Accomplishments  

Pay more attention to what gets done each day than to the number of hours put in. Individuals get more done when they work at their own pace. The fact that they remain in communication, produce quality results before the deadline, and reach company goals matters more than how long they work each week.   

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