As an IT professional with a reputation for getting things done, you’re in a strong position to let your boss know you want to take on additional tasks. Whether you want to keep busy, sharpen your skills, or prepare for a promotion, taking on additional work demonstrates your proactive approach to moving forward in your career.

Follow these guidelines to show your boss you’re ready for more responsibility.

Talk with Your Boss

Some of the best times to talk maybe during end-of-year reviews, budget planning, reorganization planning or scheduled one-on-one meetings. You may be able to present ideas to benefit the organization, work on additional projects or develop new knowledge and skills. Point out how your new work will save or make money, elevate morale or build relationships. Mention how much time the new responsibilities should take and how you can fit them into your schedule.

Help Colleagues

After finishing your current workload, find out which colleagues need your help the most. There may be tasks you can complete to get them caught up, such as a project you can work on to help a colleague meet a deadline. Be sure you get credit with your boss for your role.

Become an Expert

Continuously acquire new knowledge, skills, and experience in your field. Stay current on trends and developments in your industry. You’re more likely to be needed for upcoming projects then. For instance, set up a Google Alert for topics on your industry, company or team’s area of responsibility. Choose your search terms for new articles to be sent to your inbox as a daily update. Use Twitter’s hashtags to post a summary of each work-related article you share to keep your team updated on industry trends. Answer questions related to the content you send.

Enhance Your Skills

Find ways to increase your skillset to take on the responsibility you want. You might take an online class or shadow colleagues who have the skills you want. Or, you could learn a new language to communicate with different groups of clients.

Complete the Tasks Nobody Wants

Find the undesirable tasks that colleagues set aside and finish them. For instance, you could organize meetings or alphabetize customers’ files. Maintain a positive attitude as you work.

Find a New Job with More Responsibility

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