Although you want to advance in your career, you may not want to take on managerial responsibilities. Maybe you don’t want to take away time from the parts of your job that you enjoy most. Perhaps administrative responsibilities don’t appeal to you. Even if you aren’t interested in leading a team, you still can develop professionally.

Here are five ways to move forward in your career without taking on a managerial role.

Cross Train

Take on responsibilities in another role or department. Cross-training lets you add to your skill set, gain experience, and develop your career. You can fill in during an absence, remain engaged in learning, and add additional value to the organization.

Lead Projects

Offer to lead projects. Assign tasks based on team members’ strengths and interests. Clearly define the goal of the project and the desired outcomes. Brainstorm with your team methods for reaching objectives. Set deadlines for task completions and regular check-ins. Provide the necessary resources to finish the project. Remain available to address questions and concerns. Work with your team to solve problems and overcome obstacles. Hold yourself and your team accountable for their actions.

Take on Additional Work

Ask your manager for tasks outside your job description. Find needs within your team, department, or organization and ask if you can fill them. You may handle some of your manager’s duties or help out a colleague with a heavy workload. Perhaps you train a new hire or help them acclimate to company culture.

Take on Stretch Assignments

Ask your manager for stretch assignments. Find out how you can grow within your position. Perhaps you can take on a greater variety of projects, more prestigious assignments, or deeper work. This experience may set you up to work for a bigger company, interact with more clients, or expand your influence and reputation.

Become an Expert

Position yourself as an expert in your industry. Hone your knowledge and skills to show you’re a thought leader in your field. Learn all you can through talking with other professionals, reading industry publications, and participating in professional groups. Attend conferences, network with other industry leaders, and share your knowledge in online forums. Find a niche in your job that you excel in and improve it as much as possible. Become one of the top people with that skill set. Establish a few key performance indicators to more objectively assess your growth.

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