As a hiring manager, you have a variety of responsibilities. In addition to bringing aboard top talent, you have to manage your existing team and projects, provide input for strategic planning, and handle issues as they come up. This leaves little time to stay current on the evolving talent acquisition process, which job requirements are essential for a role, or how you can avoid making the same hiring mistakes as before. Fortunately, these are areas that can be strengthened by working with a recruiter.   

Discover how working with a recruiter can increase the quality of your IT team. 

Stay Current on the Talent Acquisition Process 

Partnering with a recruiter lets you stay updated on the best way to proceed with talent acquisition. Just because you’re a hiring manager doesn’t mean you have experience interviewing or making hiring decisions. Also, you probably don’t keep up on external talent as a recruiter does. By working with a recruiter, you can discuss your experience and comfort level with the hiring process. The recruiter can educate you on the talent market’s state, what your market competition is, and how you can sell a candidate the opportunity to work for both the company and you. They can point advantages to having you as a boss, why a candidate would want to join your team, and what your company has to offer that your competition doesn’t. 

Narrow Down Candidate Requirements   

Partnering with a recruiter lets you narrow down job requirements to create job descriptions that attract more quality talent. Although you may be inclined to include characteristics of the ideal candidate in the job description, the required years of experience and competencies can outweigh your salary budget. This makes hiring top candidates difficult, as they won’t take a pay cut to work for you. To alleviate this issue, a recruiter can perform compensation research and talk with you about what you truly need in a candidate. They can help you reevaluate the role to see if it may require less experience to justify a lower salary. Or, you may be able to take their research to your boss and present a case to increase the salary for the position.  

Avoid Making the Same Hiring Mistakes  

Partnering with a recruiter helps you avoid repeating the same types of hiring mistakes. For instance, you may keep hiring candidates who closely share your values and strengths, even if they lack certain skill proficiencies required for the role. By working with a recruiter, you can set up a system to check yourself and avoid hiring less qualified candidates. The recruiter can guide you in a different direction to evaluate candidates and make more informed decisions for greater team success. 

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