No matter if you have 10 or 10,000 employees, it is critical that sound human resource principles are utilized when managing your employee experience. It is also important to consider the necessary technology tools to ensure your employees enjoy consistently managed experiences and are afforded all that your company can offer. 

Whether you require HR technology for simply storing secure employee data, creating workflows, measuring employee satisfaction, administering benefits, and tracking training and workforce development, or for performance management and goal tracking, choosing the right HR technology for your business can be overwhelming, confusing, and overly expensive without the right guidance.   

Luckily, we are joined by Phil Strazzulla, Founder of Select Software Reviews, to help us manage and negotiate the if’s, how’s, what’s and why’s of selecting HR technology. Phil is a self-professed “software geek” and entrepreneur, with a passion for connecting organizations with the best tools to grow their businesses. His expertise in software engineering and implementation makes him the ideal source of information for those looking to update and/or renovate their company’s HRIS technology. 

Let’s peek inside Phil’s mind with an informative Q&A about selecting the right HRIS platform for your business. 

Question: Why should a company buy a HRIS (Human Resource Information System)? 

Answer: To deliver a consistent, and often automated, way of managing employee paperwork (addresses/I9’s/etc.), onboarding, and compliance to fuel company growth and make your HR function as efficient as possible. 

Question: How do you get internal buy-in for a new HRIS? 

Answer: Get a cross functional team together, that cares about PeopleOps, and can serve as a board of advisors as you go through the selection process. Here is a more robust playbook. 

Question: How should I think about point solutions vs. buying a full suite of tools? 

Answer: Point solutions deliver best-in-class products but have a trade-off in price and resources needed to manage the tool. They also require integrations with the other systems with can be tricky to manage. Sites are great for companies that have smaller teams and don’t need the firepower of a best-in-class performance management system, applicant tracking system, etc.  Most companies should get a suite plus 1-2 point solutions for the most critical needs for their company. 

Question: For companies considering a full suite system, what are some of the most common critical needs requiring point solutions? 

Answer: Each company is different when it comes to the point solutions they’ll want to look at. For example, you may be in high growth mode and want to invest in a best-in-class talent sourcing tool like Hiretual or Seekout. Alternatively, you may be managing an hourly labor force in an industry that needs bespoke workflows like in the restaurant business. Or you may want to retain highly trained colleagues who demand a best-in-class LMS to ensure they are staying on top of their skill sets. 

Question:  What are some preferred options for HRIS?   

Answer:  Bob, Factorial, and Rippling to name a few.  Here is a larger list. 

Question:  What are some key features that we should be looking for in a HRIS? 

Answer:  A few that should be considered include eSignature, integration with existing systems, time and attendance, payroll, and benefits. 

Question: What are some common pitfalls when buying a HRIS? 

Answer:  There are plenty of pitfalls that we have encountered but a few of the frontrunners include not getting budget approval up front, not staying organized during demos (resulting in forgetting the feature-set of each platform), and not negotiating effectively. 

Question: What kind of timeframe should be planned for evaluating, selecting, and implementing a HRIS? 

Answer: The average mid-market company should plan for 3-4 months start to finish for this type of project.  Fortune 1000 companies may take more than a year, and <50 employee companies could go through this entire process with a new HRIS live in 2-3 weeks.  You want to move quickly so that you don’t lose momentum internally, but don’t rush headlong into a new system before you’ve evaluated several in depth.  This is software you will be living with for years to come, and you don’t want to make a mistake. 

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