Kristen SchapplerMany staffing firms you may be familiar with are large national or even global organizations. In these cases, meeting your staffing agency can be a challenge, if not an impossibility altogether. Locally owned and operated in the southern New Hampshire and Boston area, the employees of the BANKW Staffing family of agencies live and work in the same communities as the businesses we serve, and the candidates we place. Delivering world-class staffing and recruiting services on a local level isn’t just professional expectation for us, it’s a personal one. 

Inviting your staffing agency on-site can produce a wealth of hiring advantages. Take the following points into consideration when speaking with your agency representative, and extend an invitation to them today.

Think Local 

Having a finger on the pulse of the local environment creates major advantages for our network of companies. Not only are we capable of staffing across a variety of verticals, but being a prominent local presence has advantages like meeting and evaluating candidates face-to-face before our clients ever see a resume; developing a deep understanding of the local market and talent pools; and fostering a genuine sense of responsibility towards the businesses we staff for.  

Another major benefit is that with five offices across New England, we’re right down the road and more than happy to stop by! The opportunity for BANKW Staffing team members to meet clients in person at their workplace creates several benefits both for our company clients as well as the potential hires they may bring aboard.  

Build Trust

Having the option to invite your staffing agency’s representative to visit your worksite location(s) develops trust. Trust is key when it comes to staffing and recruiting – we’re dealing with the needs and goals of your business, and the careers of our candidates. Futures, livelihoods, and more is at stake, and these are not items to be taken lightly. We harbor a deep sense of responsibility for the impact that placing the right, or wrong, employee at a company has. Meeting us in person gives us the chance to show you how important your unique needs are to us.  

Present the Experience, Not Just the Job 

Additionally, your account representative can gain a full understanding of how your business runs and how people conduct themselves when they visit. This is multifaceted, and we use this information to determine which candidates will thrive in your workplace environment, and which will not be a fit for you. Here are some of the key things we hope to understand about your workplace during a visit:  

  • What does the structure of the team look like? 
  • How do employees interact with each other? 
  • How does the management team interact with employees? 
  • How are employees dressed? 
  • What does the environment look like? 
  • Who are the other departments on site? 
  • What is the culture like? 

When job hunting, a candidate is presented with a lot of information and opportunities. Positions with detailed information will undoubtedly receive more attention from potential applicants. Job title, salary, and hours are all items one expects to discuss, but when a recruiter can describe a company and opportunity in detail, they sell the experience, not just the position. Capable of envisioning their future career with your company, a candidate will be much more likely to proceed with enthusiasm.  

Your candidates will arrive to their first day prepared, because we can tell them exactly what to expect. From commutes and travel times, to where to park, how they should dress, and even what lunchtime options are available, our team ensures our professionals are ready for the day when they arrive.  

Plan Ahead, Meet your Staffing Agency Now

Many hiring managers initially plan to locate a staffing agency when a need arises. However, this can sometimes be too late. Staffing needs tend to arise unexpectedly, so getting to know our team at BANKW well in advance allows us to do two things:  

  • Recruit proactively, at no cost to you. We build relationships with our candidates based on our client’s typical needs.  
  • Jump into action when an urgent opening arises, you’ll see a high volume of candidates quickly if we already know your business.  

After more than two years of communicating virtually, our network of recruiting teams couldn’t be more excited to get together in person with our clients and candidates. If you’re a hiring manager in New England, set up a face-to-face meeting ASAP! We would love to get to know you and your business.

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Through its portfolio companies, KBW Financial Staffing & Recruiting, Alexander Technology Group, The Nagler Group, Sales Search Partners, and KNF&T Staffing Resources, BANKW Staffing, LLC is the leading regional provider of temporary and direct-hire staffing services in the areas of finance, accounting, information technology, office and administration, legal, human resources, and sales.

BANKW Staffing companies have received over 100 awards for rapid growth, business excellence, and workplace quality. Recognition includes Inc. 500, Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” and Business NH Magazine’s “Business of the Year”.

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