Managing maternity leave for your accounting team is challenging. The reality of having a team member gone is an even greater concern for a small business. Since roles tend to carry additional responsibilities and specialized knowledge, finding a temporary replacement among your teammates can be an issue. Fortunately, doing some prep work before your team member goes on maternity leave can ease the stress and keep your team focused.

Here are five steps to take when preparing your accounting department for maternity leave.

Review Your Maternity Leave Policy

Since your team member will need to take time off after the baby is born, she may look to you for guidance on how long she can be gone. Ask a member of Human Resources (HR) to update you on the policy, navigate the leave process, and brief you on important business and legal issues. Take a copy of the policy for your team members.

Schedule a One-on-One Meeting

Congratulate her on the news. Show that you support her during this exciting time. Provide a copy of the maternity leave policy. Share what you learned about the leave process and related business and legal issues. Be sure your teammate understands the policy and knows where the details are located what the terms are. Talk about her transition back from leave as well. Answer any questions or concerns she may have. Direct her to HR if needed.

Ask Your Team Member to Document Her Projects

Have your teammate write down what she’s working on and what needs to be managed while she’s on maternity leave. Ask her to document her responsibilities and tasks in a given day or week. Request a project status report to be updated frequently. Your goal is to know which tasks she’s working on.

Assign Backups

Choose which team members will take on which tasks and which tasks will be put on hold or outsourced while your team member is on maternity leave. If increasing workloads becomes overwhelming for your team, add accounting temps to ease the workload. We have temporary workers with the skills and experience you need to fill accounting roles and maintain operations.

Keep Your Team Informed

Let your team, including backups, know about their colleague’s timeline for maternity leave.

Once you’ve agreed on the terms of the plan, update your team. For instance, “Sarah will be out of the office for three months from February through April. If training is required for specific tasks, have your team member and her backup provide you with a date by which training will occur. If hiring temporary accountants, bring them in 15 to 30 days before your teammate’s last day to begin training.

Hire Accounting Temps

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