Management styles can be as different as people. Although there may be similarities among managers, odds are they’d handle different employees, teams, and situations differently. Letting your team know what your management style is and how it impacts them helps you communicate with them to resolve conflicts, provide motivation, coach, collaborate, and drive results.

Follow these guidelines to show your team your management style.

Talk with Your Team

Let your team know which type of management style you favor and what that means for them. For instance, if you want to focus on coaching, let everyone know you want to check in with each member every two weeks about their workloads, so you know what they’re working on. Knowing you’re on the same page helps you ensure your team is as successful as possible. Tell your team you want to try some shadowing to uncover inefficiencies in their workflows. Helping to improve workflows increases the effectiveness of individual and team performance. Answer your team members’ questions honestly but simply. Since you have logical reasons for making the choices you do, show you have confidence in your decisions.

Allow Time to Adapt

Give your team and yourself time to adapt to your management style. Getting used to something doesn’t happen right away. Although your interactions may be uncomfortable at times, such as when you’re providing constructive criticism and your employees are resistant to hearing it, things should eventually change. Remind your team and yourself that your style of management has your team’s and the company’s best interest in mind. Continue cultivating your management skills to improve.

Measure Your Success

Figure out whether your management style is keeping your team on track. Keep in mind that some measurement methods may be subjective. For instance, do your employees seem happy? Are they producing quality work? Has there been a change in employee turnover? Do you have data to back up these beliefs? Knowing how your management style is affecting your team provides a better idea of how you should move forward.

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