• How to Make Your Introverted Employees More Comfortable During Meetings

    Helping introverted employees to be more comfortable during meetings can be challenging. They typically need more time than extroverts to process information and form ideas before sharing them. Introverts also prefer to assess situations before deciding how to act. This includes listening to others before taking action of their own.  Here are six ways to […]
  • 4 Reasons Why Administrative Professionals Are Superheroes

    No matter which company, business unit, or team you’re on, administrative professionals are your organization’s heroes. They’re the lifeline for everyone in your business, the glue that holds together everything. Even though administrative assistants don’t have direct reports, they affect everyone in your company.   Here are four reasons why administrative professionals are superheroes.   […]
  • How to Hire Great People to Create a Positive Company Culture

    Part of creating a positive company culture involves hiring the right employees. Taking the time to think through what you’re looking for in a candidate helps you determine what to seek during the interview process. Including evidence of your company’s mission, vision, and values being represented in a candidate should be part of your hiring […]
  • 3 Resources to Keep You Up-to-Date on Changing Marijuana Legislature in Boston

    As an owner or employee of a law firm in Massachusetts, you should stay current with the changing legislature regarding the use of marijuana. Whether or not you directly handle cases involving marijuana use, you need to be aware of the impact the evolving laws and regulations have on citizens and tourists.   Here are […]
  • Do You Know How to Give Your Accounting Team Feedback?

    Part of managing your accounting team involves providing feedback. When done promptly and well, giving performance feedback increases productivity, strengthens relationships, and improves retention.   Follow these guidelines to reap the benefits of providing feedback to your accounting team.   Be Timely  Provide feedback in real–time as much as possible. When a teammate is doing a great job, publicly let them know. When […]