sal mazzarella headshotSales Search Partners surveyed hundreds of applicants to discover what drives the job-seeking sales professional in the greater Boston area for the new year. Candidates surveyed were asked to identify the number of years’ experience in their field, as well as supply their thoughts on critical items like work location preference, their value on work-life balance vs compensation, and their primary reason for seeking alternate employment.

Nearly 50% of all surveyed jobseekers identified as having 3-7 years of experience (48.51%), while 27% were entry-level sales professionals with 0-2 years’ experience. 18% of respondents had 8-15 years’ experience, 6% claimed to have 16-24, and .99% had more than 25 years of experience in sales.Sales Search Partners Sales Professionals Surveyed Data 1

It’s unsurprising to discover that 47.52% of surveyed sales professionals would prefer a work from home position, while 43.56% would be willing to engage a more hybrid role. Only 8.91% of respondents opted to prefer in-office roles. What is surprising is that 84% (4 out of 5) sales professionals in the greater Boston area with less than 15 years of experience indicated their preference for some sort of in office experience each week, rather than work from home 100% of the time. This likely speaks to a need for collaboration, coaching, and internal growth opportunities that are otherwise missed when not present in an office setting.

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For most respondents the #1 reason behind their current job hunt is Layoffs (36%), and Lack of Growth Opportunities (19%). In comparison to the nearly 50-50 split of survey-takers who value work-life balance (49%) to those who value compensation (51%), a shockingly low 6% of respondents admitted that pursuing higher compensation was their primary motivator for their job search, while only 4% cited work-life balance as their top reason for moving on.

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LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends reports that in October 2022 workers considered work-life balance to be their top priority, however with increasing reports of layoffs from top companies and concern about inflation and a potential recession, more recent statistics indicate the return of compensation and benefits to the top spot of concern for workers worldwide. When comparing national and global data to the sales and regional specific survey conducted by Sales Search Partners, we discover that through the increasing desire for an in-office presence, Greater Boston’s sales professionals are more adaptive and responsive to industry flux.

When comparing these niche numbers to LinkedIn’s Top 10 Workplace Trends for 2023 that cites the #2 trend for 2023 will be career growth and upskilling to be top priorities for employers, we learn that sales professionals in the Greater Boston area also crave these internal growth opportunities. Realistically speaking, an employee that expands their skillset is more valuable, and thus should be compensated at a higher rate, which addresses the need for higher compensation and better benefits in the face of economic uncertainty.

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