When Opening Day comes around, you should expect to see an increase in issues affecting your sales team’s productivity. Many team members may call in sick. Requests for annual leave or to work from home might increase. The company internet could be used more to stream sports and share posts on social media. Teammates tend to take longer lunch breaks and work fewer hours. Due to the increased probability of many members of your sales team not showing up for work on Opening Day, you may consider simply giving them the day off. Although this may be an option, there also are alternatives to think about as well.    

Increases in Sick Day Usage  

A significant number of employees use a sick day to participate in Opening Day. According to a 2017 online survey commissioned by StubHub, approximately one in four American adults said they’d make up an excuse to get out of school or work to attend Opening Day. More than one in 10 respondents said they’d take a sick day. One in four said they’d be honest about why they were missing work that day. Having a significant number of salespeople tell you they won’t be at work for the day can adversely impact your bottom line.   

Improved Employee Morale  

Studies show that sports conversations among staff and customers or clients can positively impact the business. Improved employee morale, motivation, and productivity provide a more favorable work environment. Discussing sports and watching sporting events together enhances employee communication, breaks down hierarchical boundaries, and improves customer relations. This creates social inclusion, communication, and bonding. You can use sporting events to maximize team spirit in the office, benefitting company culture through enthusiasm and excitement.   

Alternatives to Giving the Day Off  

Rather than giving your sales team off on Opening Day, provide flexibility with their work arrangements. Allow your team to work remotely. Relax the rules on radio and internet access. Set up a communal area to watch the game during breaks or after work hours. Be sure to implement a company-wide policy if you want to monitor the time your sales team spends watching or listening to the game in the office.   

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