As a software engineer, your skills are in high demand. A significant number of employers need your talents at any given time. To take advantage of these opportunities, you need to prepare a resume. This highlights the knowledge, accomplishments, and awards you received along your career path. Your resume shows concrete ways you benefitted past employers and can benefit your next one.   

Implement these three tips to highlight your software developer experience on your resume. 

1. Create a Story 

Your resume tells the story about your background as a software developer. It clarifies the ways you excel in your field and have the growth potential. Include highlights of your career, challenges you overcame, and achievements you reached. Mention your patents, publications, and inventions relevant to the position. Show how passion, dedication, and determination helped get you to where you are in your career. Share how the skills, certifications, and experience you gained make you the best candidate. 

2. Enhance Readability 

Your resume is a carefully curated list of your journey as a software developer. Be selective in the details you include. When crafting your plan, think of what you would say if you had 60 seconds to pitch a manager on why they should hire you. Use the information to work backward. Expand on your main points to drive home your pitch. For instance, “I am a back-end software engineer who is knowledgeable in RESTful architecture. I build web apps that scale to millions of users and drive home my company’s product vision.” Use the back-end engineer pillars, RESTful architecture, scalable, and product visionary as focal points for your list. Include things you have done that demonstrate a passion for your product, your skills as a back-end engineer, your design experience around RESTful architecture, and the metrics used to show the products are scalable.  

3. Quantify Accomplishments 

Show measurable success in the areas you excel in. They may include designing and delivering cloud solutions or using the latest technologies and development methodologies in DevOps. Include details about the type of project, technologies used, and type of client. Mention outcomes like completed website design, successful application launch, or percent decrease in code churn. Providing context and highlighting how and when you applied your skills, lets a hiring manager better understand how your experience fits with the role. For instance, “leveraged architectural expertise in Kubernetes cloud-native platform to deliver mature end-to-end solutions for 30 unique internal applications teams.”  

Have a Recruiter Look Over Your Resume 

Set up a time for a recruiter from Alexander Technology Group to look over your resume. We match you with employers and roles that interest you, provide coaching on your resume and the interview process, and assist with job offer negotiations. Start by visiting our job board today.  

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